What Is Prime Video Charge On My Credit Card?


A Prime Video fee is often a charge for the Prime Video streaming service that appears on your bank statement. If you have Amazon Prime, you may also incur a “Prime Video Charge” if you decide to buy or rent any exclusive movies or TV shows from Prime Video. You might not identify a charge for a number of reasons. If you’re not sure about a charge, see if:

  • A Prime Video or Amazon Prime membership was extended. Visit Manage Your Prime Membership for further details.
  • Renewing a Prime Video Channel subscription. Visit Prime Video Channels for more details and to view previous subscription bills.
  • Someone who has access to your card numbers, such as a child, spouse, friend, or coworker, has placed an order. You can Set Up Restrictions on Prime Video for Web, Android, or iOS to lower the possibility of unintentional purchases.
  • There are several cards linked to the credit or debit account.

In addition to whatever titles you might already have access to because of your Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription, there are other titles that you can pay extra money to buy or rent.

Your 1-Click payment method will be automatically charged for any purchases you make from the Prime Video shop that are not Prime benefits. Purchases can be viewed in your Purchases & Rentals as soon as the order is finished.

Your 1-Click payment method in your Amazon account will be used to process any purchases or rentals if you presently pay for your Prime or Prime Video subscription through Amazon or a third-party carrier. 

Any purchase or rental made in the Prime Video app for iOS or Apple TV will be charged to the payment method listed in your iTunes & App Store settings if you don’t have a Prime or Prime Video subscription, your Prime Video subscription is paid through Apple, or you don’t have a valid payment method and billing address set up in your Amazon account 1-Click settings.

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