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People make poor choices every day. Most of them are made due to a lack of knowledge and exposure. We want to fill in that gap by writing about social issues and reaching people all across the globe. We are onboarding all valuable assets in this journey who can tell a story to help people make better choices.

What is Alpha One Now?

Alpha One Now is a platform designed to look into society and governance and write about subjects to connect with the natural world and help them relate to current events. We hope to give our readers a deeper perception of different societies and administrations. We hope that we can make a difference when people are making choices by keeping them updated.

What Are We Looking for?

We want our writers to write compelling, direct-to-the-point stories that serve as helpful guides so readers may better comprehend how different kinds of governance impact us.  Information and statistics accuracy is also crucial for this website and all its stakeholders when writing a blog. If you think you have enough knowledge about social issues, we welcome you to write for us.

Why Write for Us?

All of us are a part of a bigger picture that we can not see, and each one of us is playing our role. You can play yours by spreading knowledge to the general public to know better what they are getting and what they deserve. If you think you feel for the human race and want to make a difference, write for us and share your ideas with everyone.
Contact us at [email protected] and share your expertise on social issues and situations because each one of us can help.