Palos And AYSO


A collection of locations in Cook County, Illinois, located south of Chicago, is referred to as Palos, Illinois. The group is made up of the township, two of the cities, and one of the villages in Palos Township. 34,845 people live in the greater Palos region.

One of the two major national youth soccer organizations in the United States for kids ages 4 to 19 is the American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO). In 1964, nine teams of the non-profit AYSO soccer league were founded at Jefferson Elementary School in Torrance, a suburb of Los Angeles, California. The group claims to have over 50,000 teams and over 630,000 players as members now.

The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) offers local programs known as “Regions” in all 50 states, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and Trinidad and Tobago. Its headquarters are in Torrance, California. At the local levels where it operates, the organization is mostly administered by volunteers, while its national headquarters employs about 20 paid staff members.

Landon Donovan, Carlos Bocanegra, Julie Foudy, Eric Wynalda, Shannon Boxx, Brian Ching, Alex Morgan, Kristen Graczyk, Natasha Kai, and Amy Rodriguez are among well-known athletes that began their playing careers in AYSO programs.

AYSO is a nonprofit organization based in California. Regional programs, often known as local programs, are not individually incorporated. As long as they adhere to the AYSO Bylaws, National Rules and Regulations, and Policy Statements, they are given a lot of latitude in managing their activities. 

A regional commissioner works with a regional board to oversee each region. An “area” is made up of a number of nearby areas, and it is managed by an area director and an area board. Areas are divided into 14 “sections,” each of which is run by a section director and section board. The so-called “Section 99” also includes several territories that are directly managed by the national office, particularly those that are outside of the United States.

The national board of directors (NBOD), which functions like other boards of directors, is the organization that oversees AYSO. Additionally, AYSO has a variety of national commissions, whose chairs offer guidance and recommendations on coaching, refereeing, management, competitions, marketing, eAYSO, and development to the national president and national board of directors. 

The recommendations cover the cost and financial analysis of proposed or implemented program changes at both the national and local levels, as well as their effects on a particular discipline and its practice community, other disciplines, and national programs, the standing and reputation of AYSO as a national organization within the larger soccer and sports communities, and other potential or actual partners and like-minded organizations.

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