Florida: Two Disruptive Passengers Removed Off A Delta Aircraft


According to the airline, two rowdy passengers have expelled off a Delta flight at a Florida airport on Tuesday.

One of the two passengers on board, witnesses said, was cursing at flight attendants.

According to the airline, Delta Flight 1582 eventually took off for Atlanta from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport.

According to Delta, the flight was delayed by around 28 minutes, while the two were taken back into the terminal.

The airline apologized for the delay and stated that it “has zero tolerance for rowdy behavior.”

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, disruptive passenger occurrences have increased dramatically during the Covid-19 outbreak. Since the early 2021 highs, the numbers have decreased.

The bulk of them — 205 of 323 cases this year — involved face masks, which are required on flights by the federal government, but in Tuesday’s event, both people were wearing masks, according to the video.

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