Bridgeview Sports Dome


A full-size, artificial grass soccer field that complies with MLS standards is housed in the Village of Bridgeview Sports Dome, a multipurpose air-supported building. Soccer, softball, football, lacrosse, and other sports for kids and adults can all be played on the divided field!

In order to give athletes a secure, cozy, and well-lit environment to enjoy regardless of bad weather, the Bridgeview Dome was built to function year-round. Many local sports leagues and teams, including the Chicago Fire Soccer Academy, Chicago Red Stars, and Women’s Chicago Soccer League, to mention a few, have used The Dome as a training facility and play area.

Rent Information

It is open every day of the week and on most holidays at the Bridgeview Sports Dome. Let us assist you in organizing your upcoming athletic event. The Dome can be rented in its entirety or in parts, and it can meet hourly, daily, or league schedules. For additional details on costs and availability, please get in touch with Chris Augle. Additionally, you can ask a query through the website’s contact form.

Directions & Parking

From the city (Via I-55)

To get to Harlem Avenue, exit I-55 South. Take Harlem Avenue southbound and turn left. Go 2.4 miles south to the Bridgeview Sports Dome. At the North Gate, turn right and travel west. Nearby SeatGeek Stadium to the north is the Sports Dome.

Tri-State Tollway as source (I-294)

Take I-294 and head east on 95th Street in the direction of Harlem (IL Route 43). After traveling a short distance, take the ramp to IL Route 43 (Harlem) north. 3 miles further north on Harlem. remain in the right lane and turn right onto the Frontage Road that runs underneath the bridge. Nearby SeatGeek Stadium to the north is the Sports Dome.


Take the I-55 North exit for Harlem Avenue (IL Route 43) while coming from the West. Continue 2.4 miles to the south and maintain the right lane. access through At the North Gate, turn right to head west. Nearby SeatGeek Stadium to the north is the Sports Dome.


Use 79th, 87th, or 95th Street to travel north on Harlem Avenue (IL Route 43) from the south. Continue north on Harlem Avenue until you reach the entrances to the parking lot at 70th and Harlem. Nearby SeatGeek Stadium to the north is the Sports Dome.

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