Explore Soule 2, now open in North Lawndale


One of the most anticipated openings of the year happened over the weekend when the second location of Soule debuted in North Lawndale.

The first iteration opened in 2017 in West Town, a blend of creole and soul food with dishes like shrimp and grits, jerk chicken wings, and fried catfish. The restaurant provided a casual level of sophistication in a come-as-you-are atmosphere that was also BYO. Black ownership made a difference in flavors and in making customers feel welcome on the North Side, and Soule soon became a celebrity hangout for rappers and athletes.

Soule 2 is finally here.

The North Lawndale location presents a personal mission for chef and owner Bridgette Flagg. She grew up in the area, an area that hasn’t had a new sit-down restaurant open in a half a century. New businesses are rarities, but thanks to city and community grants, which complement Flagg’s personal investments, Soule 2 and its 100 seats can open.

Flagg’s crew built the space from the ground up. There’s a second-floor landing that provides a view of the space. The decor includes gold neon and a full bar. There’s a fireplace near leather sofas. A wall’s covered with black and white photos showing Soule’s community.

Flagg hopes Soule 2 can inspire a community revival. Walk through the space below.

Soule 2, 3615 W. Roosevelt Road, hours not posted yet.

Soule 2 is here.

Look at the TV and fireplace,

It’s Instagram ready.

A bar with gold wired seats.

Unlike the original location, Soule 2 has a bar.

A close up of a black marble square table with black cloth napkin and gold forks and knives for four.

The area’s first sit-down restaurant in 50 years.

Soule is about community.

A view from the second-floor landing.

If you don’t, how can you expect anyone else?

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