Chicago Restaurants and Bars With Excellent Booze-Free Beverages


Temperance in Evanston has released an NA beer.

Temperance Beer Co.

In January, when many have resolved to reduce consumption, non-alcoholic drinks are popular ways to keep bars busy in a month where the hospitality business is down in general due to cold weather and a holiday hangover.

Bigger players are poised to enter the market. Breweries with the means have no worries about selling a consumer a product that may eat away at the profits from other products. Remember the apprehension with hard seltzers? That was a fun time.

But there’s still room for creativity as these bigger companies prepare to offer whatever product is loaded with artificial flavoring. Chicago’s bartenders have been doing this for years, and though the city has earned a reputation for drinkers who savor their alcohol, this city also knows when to take a break and isn’t adverse to trying something new. So check out these restaurants, bars, and a brewery that have delightful booze-free options.

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