‘We did put the school on the map’

  • Written by Ken Karrson

Despite state title loss, Richards looks ahead

  DE KALB — The expressions were grim.
  When a handful of Richards football players were awarded the second-place trophy on a portable stage after finishing as state runner-up in Class 6A football, disappointment was etched in some of their faces.
  The trophy was brought down off the stage to the rest of the team, but there was no hooting or hollering accompanying the act, nor was the trophy raised over players’ heads. It was merely a matter of quiet acceptance.

Hinsdale Central Tournament

  • Written by Ken Karrson

Bravura beginning

Eagles knock off De La Salle in opener

  A year ago, they simply hit the ground.
  This time, the Sandburg Eagles hit the ground running.
  The Eagles eventually recovered from a disastrous start to the 2012-13 basketball season, enough to where they played plus-.500 ball over the final 17 games and created a positive outlook for the current campaign. And coach Todd Allen hopes that last Monday’s unexpected conquest of De La Salle was the first indicator that those feelings of optimism weren’t misplaced.
  Sandburg didn’t make it through last week’s Hinsdale Central Tournament unscathed, but it did split four games. And, as Allen pointed out, the field was highly competitive.
  “On the last day of the Hinsdale tournament, any team could have finished either first or last,” he said. “It was definitely not a cupcake tournament. It was a good test for the start [of the season], and hopefully that prepares us for the rest of the year because we do not schedule lightly.

District 218 Tournament

  • Written by Ken Karrson

Making a name for themselves

New faces key Bulldogs’ sweep to tourney title

  Football took center stage at Richards last week, and some basketball players went along for the ride to DeKalb.
  That’s where the Bulldogs sought to bring home the Oak Lawn school’s first football state championship in 24 years. And among those individuals contributing to a season’s worth of notable achievements were receivers Dedrick Shannon and Spencer Tears, both of whom missed out on preseason basketball practices because of their gridiron obligations.
  Minus those two, as well as a pair of projected reserves, coach John Chappetto’s hoopsters entered the annual Thanksgiving-week District 218 Tournament in shorthanded condition. And the situation worsened when another veteran, guard Deon Alexander, missed the last two of Richards’ four contests for family-related reasons.
  Then, just to top off the mounting unfavorable circumstances, Bulldogs forward Josh Meier was chained to the bench for all but a few minutes of the first half of Friday’s meeting with Marist because of foul trouble.

John McBride Classic

  • Written by Ken Karrson

Max-imum efficiency

Strus carries Chargers to another tourney crown

  It would seemingly be difficult for a 6-foot-6 individual to stay hidden.
  In John Daniels’ opinion, however, Max Strus has somehow managed to do that.
  Daniels, who is in his 11th coaching season at Stagg and 21st overall, unabashedly refers to Strus, a still-growing senior, as the best player he’s ever coached. And the veteran leader insists “it’s not even close.”
  “You know you have a Division I athlete when you have one,” Daniels said. “He’s better than some of the guys who have committed to those schools.”
  By “those schools,” Daniels was referring to the mid-sized NCAA Division I universities in Illinois, none of which has approached Strus with a scholarship offer. The latter’s decision to eschew AAU basketball for baseball at Stagg has likely kept Strus a relatively unknown commodity to the collegiate basketball world.


Drink to our health? Nah, they’ll toast their wealth

(Reprinted from Oct. 20, 2011)

  Is it just me, or are some of you also growing weary of constantly being told what’s good and not good for us?
  I’m talking food and drink here. Most of us are already aware that stepping in front of a speeding train, sticking a fork into a plugged-in toaster and standing under a tree during a thunderstorm are not activities undertaken with health consciousness in mind.
  The dietary police might not be so bad if they arrived at an opinion and then never wavered from it, but theories abound and tend to change with the same frequency as Jennifer Aniston’s love interests. Two items that seem to cause the most confusion are eggs and coffee.