Jeff Vorva's Extra Point -- High school football changes could be afoot

  • Written by Jeff Vorva



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A proposal could be in the works that would allow football teams with two or more wins into the playoffs. That would help a team like Evergreen Park, pictured, which enters the final week of the season with a 3-5 mark and no shot at the playoffs. 



Food for thought for those who aren’t very hungry…

While it’s not official yet, word is that come November, the Illinois High School Association will listen to a proposal that would drastically changes the landscape of playoff football.

The idea is that there will be an eight-week regular season instead of nine and that any team with two wins or more gets in. Currently teams that win their conference, win six games or some teams who win five games and are subject to a tiebreaker (most opponents wins) get in.

Those 0-8 or 1-7 teams can optionally schedule each other in Week 9 for an extra game.


I can’t tell you how different that would be. We would be starting the playoffs this weekend and a bunch of 8-0 teams would be opening up with 2-6 opponents. There might be some intriguing 4-4 teams playing each other.

I don’t like it or hate it. But it would be a huge shock to the system.

Coaches and athletic directors are getting sick of the problems caused by non-conference scheduling and letting in almost everybody would alleviate some of those problems. Some of the powerhouses might actually find teams in Illinois to play instead of going to other states. Some teams might decide to play tougher non-conference teams rather than bakery pastries without fear of missing the playoffs.

If this proposal goes on the books next month, one expert doesn’t think it will be passed this year.

Tim O’Halloran, also known as Edgy Tim, who is a high school guru on his own website and Comcast, or NBC Sports Chicago or whatever the heck they call themselves these days, told WJOL radio that November might be too late for principals across the state to agree on this, but it could be in play for the 2019 season.

Stay tuned. A year two from now, we could be getting ready for the first round of the playoffs rather than the last week of the regular season.

 I told you so…

Looking back at my preseason baseball picks, I had the Cubs pulling off unlikely back-to-back titles and beating Houston in the World Series.

Heading into this week’s action, I am still able to brag about those picks.

Some of my other brilliant picks? Well…not so brilliant.

I had Boston winning the American League East (yaaaay) but Baltimore as a wild card (booo).

I had Detroit winning the Central (argh) with Cleveland as a wild card (ehhh). And I had Houston winning the West (yaaaaay again!).

In the National League, I had the Cubs winning the Central (yaaay some more) and St. Louis to take a wild card spot (Cubs fans are cheering I got that one wrong). I thought the New York Mets would win the East (yikes!) and the San Francisco Giants to win the West (double yikes!) and Los Angeles to nail the second wild card slot.

Oh, and did I tell you I had the Cubs and Houston in the World Series?

IHSA geography 101

It’s always easy to make fun of the way the IHSA divvies up its postseason tournaments and meets by geography but this one is a doozy. And I don’t even like the word “doozy.’’

Sandburg’s girls tennis team played at the Shepard Sectional and singles events were held at Moraine Valley Community College on Friday while doubles were held at Shepard. Most schools do that. They don’t have enough room to accommodate all the matches, so they go to two sites.

Andrew also held a sectional and split into two sites.  One was at the Andrew campus in Tinley Park. The other was at -- you guessed it – Sandburg.

So Sandburg players left the school for a sectional and while their bus passed the Sandburg court, there was another sectional being played right at their own digs.