Jeff Vorva's Extra Point: T-Bolts to bring geezer grapplers to town

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


Food for thought for those who aren’t very hungry:

The Windy City Thunderbolts are bringing some big-name wrestlers to perform after some of their Thursday night game.

Big names from years ago.

But that’s OK.

The kids who love Roman Reigns and AJ Styles may not appreciate the geezers coming to Crestwood but some of us experienced fans (i.e. older) might get a kick out of seeing Matt Hardy on June 2, Billy Gunn on June 23, Abyss on July 7, Scotty 2 Hotty on Aug. 4 and Chavo Guerrero on Sept. 1 courtesy of Blitz Pro Wrestling.

Out of this group, Gunn is my favorite because he made me laugh the most. He is on the other side of 50 now.  

His real name is Monty Kip Sopp and has gone under at least 16 different ring names including Cute Kip, Kip Montana and Rockabilly.

He hit his peak in the WWE as Billy Gunn. He and the Road Dogg as the New Age Outlaws, who were a part of Degeneration X. He was known as “Badass” Billy Gunn and later, Mr. Ass. The Outlaws had a suggestive and profane line that led into the rest of DX doing the famous “crotch chop” which made its way into other sports such as football, baseball and pro bowling. Late in 2015, Arizona QB Carson Palmer got in hot water for chopping Seattle fans.

Mature stuff? Naah. But funny? You bet.

So, if you kids aren’t down with having these old-timey wrestlers doing their thing in the ring after T-Bolt games, I got two words for ya…

…ask your father what they are.

 Other brothers doing well

On our front page we have a story on the McCormick brothers from Orland Park who are making names for themselves on the St. Laurence baseball team.

Another pair of brothers from Orland helped the Vikings pile up victories and are both at Division I colleges.

Kyle Wood is a senior at Purdue and through 24 games has driven in 24 runs including 14 in a five-game span against Ball State, Louisville and three games against Nebraska in late March. He has also clubbed nine homers. He turns 23 on Sunday.

His younger brother Brad was hitting .277 as a sophomore for Northern Illinois University in the Huskies first 29 games with eight RBI. He also made two appearances on the mound and threw two scoreless innings.

 By the way, someone else got injured…

 The season-ending injury to Kyle Schwarber rocked Cubs Nation and made it to the front page of the Chicago Tribune even though the guy only has 236 lifetime at-bats and is a lifetime .242 hitter.

But man, can he hit powerful home runs.

Some feel sorry for the kid, but there was also an injury announced last week that is even more of a shame.

Mikey Dudek, a receiver for the University of Illinois who set records as a freshman, will miss his second straight season with a tear to his right ACL. It was the same injury that wiped out his 2015 season. Dudek caught 76 passes for 1,038 yards his first year and looked like he was on his way to a promising college career. The receiver from Neuqua Valley’s career is on hold again.

For the Cubs and Schwarber, I think the team is deep enough to whether this injury and Schwarber will still be paid while he is rehabbing.

But a college kid with two ACL surgeries…that’s going to be tough to recover from.

It just goes to show that around the University of Illinois athletic program, lately no news has been good news.

Can Donald trump this?

The last-place guy in the Unholy Trinity known as the last three Republican presidential candidates is Ohio Governor John Kasich.

He proved last week to be a true man of the people when he said he would be in favor of making the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday.

“There is no productivity whatsoever,” Kasich told the Dan Patrick Show. “I’m going to take that under consideration. Maybe I can get that done in the first 100 days.”

I watched the video a couple of times and can’t tell if he was yanking Patrick’s chain or was serious.

In this campaign, who knows what’s serious anymore?