Where are the football experts?

Last week, we asked for nine football experts, and there are spots still open.

With the high school football season approaching, we looked around the office and noticed that youngsters Ken Karrson, Jeff Vorva and Anthony Nasella have more than 75 years’ worth of sportswriting experience between them.
So we figured that with all of that knowledge, we would pick area high school and college football games starting with the Aug. 29 edition of the Sport Southwest section.
You can try to get in on the fun as well. For the nine weeks of the high school football season, we invite one reader per week to try to out-pick the so-called experts.
The first nine people to respond via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. will have the opportunity to take on our guys. Put “Football Picks” in the subject line and give us your name, hometown, phone number, a little background on yourself (What you do for a living. Did you play football? Do you just love the sport?, etc.) and a spiffy jpeg photo of yourself.
There are no prizes except for bragging rights, which are priceless.
So who wants to prove they are smarter than our guys?