Letters to the Editor fro 9-12-13

Kill more Syrians to save Syrians?
Dear Editor:
  President Obama has disgraced the Nobel Peace Prize in his quest to out-war George Bush by attacking another Mideast country.
  Syrians are killing Syrians. So, we need to kill more Syrians to make sure Syrians don’t kill Syrians? If you understand that, you belong under the same butterfly net as our war-mongering leaders. John McCain wants war because hearings provide him a chance to catch up on his iPod poker!
  In Syria, we have a bad guy and worse guys, so why get involved? We never became involved in Rwanda when 700,000 Hutus and Tutsis slaughtered one another, so why Syria? We refused to support our own American troops who cried for help in Benghazi, but we’ll fight Syrians? The entire world thinks we are crazy and the UN refuses to support this insanity.
  Turns out the senators who voted for war received 83 percent more contributions from defense contractors than those who voted against the war. John Kerry even suggested the emirs, princes and royal families of Saudi Arabia, et. al. were willing to help pay for us to fight their war against Syria. All we need to supply is the blood of our young men and women!
  Russia is warning us to keep hands off of their ally. China is sending ships to the area, and President Obama and Sen. McCain insist on helping the flesh-eating Syrian rebels. Bet they never showed you the video of the rebel who tore out the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier for dinner. Good night!
  Forget the phony merits of this war, the American people know better. We need Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and Independents, to unite. We must challenge officials who sell their souls for dirty lucre, in exchange for the blood our families. Let’s insure those Republicans and Democrats, who vote for war, never return to office.
  It’s up to the American people to be the grownups. Our republic is in need of economic healing, not never-ending wars! Please put homemade signs in your homes and vehicles and call your leaders. Send Obama, Kerry and McCain to Syria! Get out and demonstrate. We must stop this insanity now.
Dee Woods

Another country with problems
Dear Editor:
  The world seems to be upset over the atrocities in Syria, rightfully so, and expect the U.S to do something. There is another country with a tyrannical government, hardly reported.
  A country where trouble makers and whistle blowers, meet with strange “accidents”, “disappearances” and “suicides”. Where T.V. programs watched and e-mails and phone conversations are monitored. Where private citizen general aviation pilots, flying their families to a vacation or going to a restaurant, are stopped at local airports by armed U.S. Customs Border Patrol teams to have their “papers checked”.
  Where chemical and drug companies are allowed by government to introduce pesticides and growth hormones into food. Where the federal emergency agency is allowed to amass billions of round of ammunition, (more than the military) and purchase, as many have reported, millions of plastic coffins. For what purpose?
  Where electrical usage, (part of the new energy efficient smart grid), is starting to be monitored by “smart meters”, receiving data from new appliances containing transmitting smart chips, so “they” know where you are and what you are doing 24 hours a day.
  Where school students are starting to receive R.F. I.D cards with G.P.S. locators for 24-hour monitoring. Where weather control experiments are in use, and chemical spraying of nano-particles of aluminum oxide and barium into the upper atmosphere are in use to “cool down” global warming, and other devious uses. Where federal agencies allow drug companies to push questionable disease “preventative” drugs.
  You got it. It’s the good old U.S.A. So here is my question: Why is it that North Korea, China, Russia, and other concerned countries, do not request the world community and the United Nations to militarily attack the United States to save us? And where are the concerned citizens of this glorious free country? Maybe they are in line waiting for the new iPhone to come out. God bless the U.S.A.
Paul Kristofek
Hickory Hills

Letters to the Editor

Be a citizen
Dear Editor:
  There should be more to citizenship than watching on TV, listening to radio and reading commentators expressing your brand of politics.
  True citizenship is being informed, becoming involved and taking time to get to the polls to vote.
  The mighty Roman Empire fell because of the costs of big government. Detroit declared bankruptcy because of corruption and big government.
  Chicago and the county of Cook are heading in the same direction by re-electing self-serving and dynasty-building politicians.
  Enough already!!!
Mary Cvack
Tinley Park

Thank you, teachers
Dear Editor:
  I would like to reflect a moment on the role of a teacher. God’s most precious gift, a child, is entrusted to a teacher to mold his or her life. The teacher, of course, is not the only person involved in that process. She is, however, the one who everyday for six hours or more must work diligently to teach educational skills, life skills, counsel, nurture, keep the children safe and to do whatever else that is necessary. Today’s world is cluttered with many social and economic problems. Teaching takes on a new role.
  I encourage all teachers not to be discouraged. If you do your best, that is all that counts. There are many people who admire and support you. Remember all the children that will pass through your classroom will have a memory of you. It is hoped that those memories will send those students on a successful course in life. It is further hoped you will have fond memories of those students.
  You are shaping the future of our country by your dedication to teaching. You can be proud of yourself as you are an integral part of the formation of new leaders and workers — a legacy beyond the monetary. We are proud of all of you.
  Be proud of who you are and what you do but also be humble enough to be of service to all! May the 2013-2014 school year bring out the best in everyone!
Marlene Jezorski
Oak Lawn

Time for pension reform
Dear Editor:
  Taxpayers should be watching with great interest the ongoing work of the special committee of the Illinois General Assembly wrestling with the tough, but essential issue of pension reform. While we are encouraged by early reports of the committee’s work, it does not dent the frustration of millions of Illinoisans who believe the time for reform was long, long ago.
  However, taxpayers should also be well aware that a large number of Illinois legislators have already stood up for them by supporting strong pension reform legislation. They have taken the tough vote to restore economic sanity to the State’s finances by voting for meaningful bills. Unfortunately, too many of their colleagues to date have taken the easy way out and we are still awaiting passage of a reform bill.
  Senate GOP Leader Radogno, Senator Bill Cunningham, Representative Jim Durkin, and Representative Kelly Burke deserve immense credit for voting for real pension reform. They voted for billions of dollars of savings for current taxpayers and future generations. Illinois simply cannot return to fiscal stability without stabilizing the worst-funded pension system in the nation. They recognized this reality and acted responsibly on behalf of their constituents.

  As our unemployment rate continues as the second highest in the nation, taxpayers are right to question our legislature’s ability to address the critical issues facing our state. But remember, many individual legislators such as Senate GOP Leader Radogno, Senator Bill Cunningham, Representative Jim Durkin, and Representative Kelly Burke have already stood up. They simply need more help.
Todd Maisch
Executive Vice President
Illinois Chamber of Commerce

Worth resident will choose McElroy on April ballot

Dear Editor,

Our village elections are upon us once again. As we can see by the signs being displayed in Worth there are contested races for both mayor and trustee. Come April 9 we will have to make a decision on which candidate for mayor and which trustees we want running the village. While these are decisions we must all make for ourselves I have some personal experiences I wish to share.

I have had the privilege of working with the village’s Economic Development Commission (EDC) for the past two-plus years. The trustee that chairs that commission is Colleen McElroy. I have seen Colleen, along with all the EDC members, work tirelessly to improve the economic infrastructure of Worth. Her energy and desire to improve our village is what inspired me to volunteer and help out. Economic development is very difficult, especially in these hard times, but not only has Colleen and the EDC worked to bring new business into Worth, they have also opened lines of communication with existing business to ensure they will stay in town for years to come.

Most recently, Colleen has applied for and received a grant from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.  This grant will review Worth’s short- and long-range economic plan with focus on transit-related development as well as senior living and transportation.

Economic development goes beyond just bringing in new businesses. Over the past two years Colleen and the EDC have helped organize a Veteran’s Job Fair, the 2nd annual Bavarian Rest for Neat Repeats/Crisis Center of South Suburbia, village-wide garage sale, and coming this year a farmers market.

While I understand that every person must make up their own minds on who to vote for, I encourage the residents of Worth to consider re-electing Colleen McElroy for village trustee. Her hard work, dedication and passion for our town are something I feel we need to continue moving Worth into the future.

Kevin Ryan,

Some day her prince will come

Dear Editor:

Someday we will have a new President, and he will tell us when he makes his inaugural address that he finds it a privilege to be elected to this high office.

He will express appreciation for our Constitution as to its intellectual underpinnings, and for the limited powers given to each branch of government.

He will remind us that the Founding Fathers set it up this way because of their experience with King George, and thus wanted to protect future generations from such tyranny.

This new President will also be attuned to free market enterprise as the best way to prosper according to each individual's ambition and intelligence. He would respect the sovereignty of each person and expect him to obey the moral laws of God. As John Adams said "Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate for any other."

Consequently, this new President would repeal the abortion laws, and encourage the states to do likewise because they are fundamentally a case of murder, as well as a repudiation of the Declaration's "right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness."

This new President will remind us that the main purpose of Washington is to protect our liberties (a la The Bill of Rights), and to protect us from "enemies both foreign and domestic."

It is in our very genes to expect these principles from our elected officials; and if this change happens and we go back to what it really means to be an American, it can't come soon enough for me.

Mildred L. Para
Evergreen Park

Violent mentality is worse than guns

Dear Editor:

Undoubtedly, there is a great need for gun control but that is not the only thing needed. We need to change the violent mentality that has invaded our society. Children are born innocent. Circumstances and exposure to violence as they grow mold their personality. Who they pal around with can affect their actions. Their minds should be fed with positive not negative things. Education provides the tools for becoming a self-sufficient adult. Realistic priorities should be set. They need to be taught right from wrong, respect for life, responsibility for their actions and consequences for doing wrong. Self respect and self discipline are ingredients for a successful life. They need to be loved and to know that they are lovable and capable. Maybe I sound unrealistic. However, where do you start but at the beginning?

I am always saddened when I read or hear about another killing. We are always in a state of mourning for lives lost in a senseless act of violence. May God grant peace to the families and friends of all of the innocent victims. Their loved ones have left their footprints in this world as they have pulled at our heart strings and have become a catalyst for change in our life style. God Bless!

Marlene Jeziorski
Oak Lawn