Worth resident will choose McElroy on April ballot

Dear Editor,

Our village elections are upon us once again. As we can see by the signs being displayed in Worth there are contested races for both mayor and trustee. Come April 9 we will have to make a decision on which candidate for mayor and which trustees we want running the village. While these are decisions we must all make for ourselves I have some personal experiences I wish to share.

I have had the privilege of working with the village’s Economic Development Commission (EDC) for the past two-plus years. The trustee that chairs that commission is Colleen McElroy. I have seen Colleen, along with all the EDC members, work tirelessly to improve the economic infrastructure of Worth. Her energy and desire to improve our village is what inspired me to volunteer and help out. Economic development is very difficult, especially in these hard times, but not only has Colleen and the EDC worked to bring new business into Worth, they have also opened lines of communication with existing business to ensure they will stay in town for years to come.

Most recently, Colleen has applied for and received a grant from the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.  This grant will review Worth’s short- and long-range economic plan with focus on transit-related development as well as senior living and transportation.

Economic development goes beyond just bringing in new businesses. Over the past two years Colleen and the EDC have helped organize a Veteran’s Job Fair, the 2nd annual Bavarian Rest for Neat Repeats/Crisis Center of South Suburbia, village-wide garage sale, and coming this year a farmers market.

While I understand that every person must make up their own minds on who to vote for, I encourage the residents of Worth to consider re-electing Colleen McElroy for village trustee. Her hard work, dedication and passion for our town are something I feel we need to continue moving Worth into the future.

Kevin Ryan,