Utility meters are homeowners' property

Dear Editor:

L et's clear up this "smart meter" nonsense. No city owns your house.

N o city owns or provides your electrical service. No city owns your electric meter. The meter is the private property of the homeowner, paid for at the time the house was built.

T he homeowner, desiring electric service, has to, at his own expense, provide equipment for that purpose. The electric utility only provides hook up to the homeowners equipment, per code. Cities have nothing to do with it.

I t seems that there is a sinister plan to replace standard meters with questionable radio controlled microwave devices, so some unknown entities can control and monitor you power usage at will. The utilities are going to ignorant and unsuspecting local governments to push through their agendas.

T he city of Naperville appears to be guilty of criminal trespass, confiscation of private property, invasion of privacy, and false arrest.

W e need some sharp lawyers to file an injunction and restraining order to prevent smart meter installation, rather that wait five to 10 years for this to go through the ridiculous court system.

J ust some more unnecessary government regulations. Who is making the money on this? Wake up people!!!

Paul Kristofek
Hickory Hills