Gun violence is controllable in Chicago

Dear Editor:

Gun control seems to dominate the news these days.

All sorts of schemes have been proposed, most having to do with disarming the honest citizen while not targeting the problem here in Chicago, where roaming gangbangers have turned the streets of the city into a virtual shooting gallery killing innocent bystanders.

My father-in-law, Jim Speese, was a retired Chicago policeman. He told me how each District handled potential gang members back in the '40s, '50 an '60s. They knew who the potential problem makers were, and would stop them on the street or in their vehicle, search for concealed weapons, and if found, make the arrests.

Today, that would be deemed politically incorrect, social profiling and unconstitutional. We have checkpoints for seat belt violations, open bottles of liquor and DUI testing.

It would not be profiling if 'randomly' the police would pull-over six or eight cars in different parts of the city. Search would be for concealed weapons, seat-belt compliance, vehicle insurance, DUI, driver license and car registration. If appropriate, tickets would be issued. In the case of an illegal weapon, immediate incarceration and confiscation of the vehicle! The drive-by deaths resulting from drug and turf wars should be greatly reduced. What idiot would want to take the chance of being pulled over and found with a firearm resulting in mandatory prison time? Think of the revenue to be generated from tickets issued for other violations!

I think Officer Speese had the right idea! Do you have a better one?

Jim Kirby
Palos Park