Romney will be refreshing

Dear Editor:

What a pleasant change it will be to have a new President and a new Vice President in the White House, both of whom are experts in their fields: Mitt Romney in business and Paul Ryan in finance. This is a perfect combination to undo all the damage Obama has done to our country in his four years, not only by his ineptness but by his ideology.

And that ideology is Marxism/Communism which he learned at an early age from his radical parents, grandparents, college professors and leftist colleagues. Once in awhile he will invoke the “American Dream” but his insincerity shows through.

So while our nation is in dire straits with a sixteen trillion deficit, high unemployment, endless regulations imposed on would-be entrepreneurs and a Congress unwilling to indict him for abuse of power it turns again to the American citizens, or “We the People” as it did in 1776 to legally remove the “king” in our lives. He has destroyed most of what our Founding Fathers risked their lives to create — a free country under God, and a Constitution that limits Presidential and Congressional powers.

If some people do not understand these arguments chances are they never learned nor appreciate American history.

It will indeed be refreshing to have these new people in Washington to restore our once great nation; and to never let another politician pull it over us again. We will have learned a very bitter lesson.

Mildred L. Para
Evergreen Park