Beacon of hope against drug war that remains unwinnable

Dear Editor:

God bless Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle — for her candor and succinct summation of the disastrously failed drug war, a war supported by legions of fools of both political parties, not to mention the public as well.

Why she chose to nail her one-line “special place in hell” thesis on President Ronald Reagan’s door is a curious ponder, but it’s hard not to wish consignment of all supporters of the drug war to an especially hot corner of Hell for an eternity for what that war has done to kids, freedoms, law enforcement, societal sobriety, crime, violence and immorality at home and abroad.

The war on drugs is Public Enemy No. One and for a politician to go anywhere near the truth with candor concerning the Al Capone/U.S./ United Nations prohibition paradigm drug policy is a beacon of hope to the world and Chicagoans, too.

James E. Gierach,
Palos Park