Reading Palin

Dear Editor:

“Going Rogue — An American Life” by Sarah Palin is a good read and full of common sense.

On page 84, Palin describes how and why after serving on the Wasilla Alaska City Council and as mayor she decided to run for Alaska’s lieutenant governor.

Palin writes, “The campaign was my first opportunity to introduce my fiscal philosophy to all Alaskans”.

In national politics, some feel that Big Business is always opposed to the Little Guy. Some people seem to think a profit motive is inherently greedy and evil, and that what’s good for business is bad for people. (That’s what Karl Marx thought too.)

“But theories like that pretty much get run over on Main Street. Big Business starts small business. Both are built by regular people using their skills, gifts, and resources to turn their passions into products in to services supplying demands and creating jobs in the process....,” Palin writes.

On page 85, Palin goes on to say, “These were the GOP’s keys to unlocking the state’s future and moving beyond political entrenchment and stagnancy after eight years under a liberal Democrat.

Palin’s words remind me of our present presidential administration’s failed fiscal policies and controversial comments pertaining to small business.

Tsk! Tsk!

Mary Cvack
Tinley Park