Ridgefest rethought, not reloaded

Dear Editor:

So, let me see if I got this right. Mr. [Chuck] Tokar stated that the poor attendance at Ridgefest might be the result of the poor economy. So we’ll double the price of admission, we’ll take away the free admission tokens for the residents, the same people whose taxes fund the village, and we’ll let all the renters in for free, the same people who contribute little or nothing to the village, and then wonder why attendance was bad? Who is James Durbin anyway and why would I want to pay twenty bucks to see an American Idol loser?

This resident will go to Worth Days instead. With a great lineup of good local bands, cheap admission that’s free for seniors and kids, I think Worth Days is a much better deal. Maybe the Ridgefest Committee will attend too.

Richard Towner
Chicago Ridge