Moreno should apologize

Dear Editor:

“Sophomoric.” That is Alderman Joe Moreno’s response to those of us who say his threat against Chick-fil-A is intolerant, hypocritical and discriminatory.

As it turns out, the political pundits and legal scholars — including scores of self-professed “progressives” — have almost uniformly argued that the alderman’s actions are discriminatory and illegal. Even the ACLU admits that this is “viewpoint discrimination.” The religious bigotry couldn’t be clearer.

Alderman Moreno should reconsider his exploitation of power and position to bully and intimidate a business that has a well-deserved reputation for financial success and good will.

Will Alderman Moreno now admit his error and apologize to Chick-fil-A and the millions of conservative people of faith he has offended, or is that asking too much of an elected official from Chicago?

David E. Smith
Executive Director