Eternal vigilance preserves Freedom as it does pets

Dear Editor:

I so appreciate Dr. Fleming’s column which is filled with wise advice. I hope that all readers, particularly pet owners, will take seriously his warnings regarding the dangers of the increasing coyote population. How heartbreaking to read reports of pets attacked in their own yards and to see the photo of the Schnauzer who thankfully survived the vicious assault by an aggressive coyote. Pets survive because of their owner’s vigilant watchfulness.

What a parallel between life in nature and life in our nation! Those who say we should learn to coexist with the coyotes are not unlike those who say we should live with the changes brought about since the 2008 election. We have all been impacted by the damage wrought to the very core and fabric of our Union. The disregard for our Constitution and Laws has been beyond appalling. Future implications cannot even be imagined. Not unlike watching a coyote tear into a beloved pet. Do we stand back and let this travesty of government continue?

Our Founding Fathers would loudly resound with a powerful call to action! It is time to snatch back our precious liberties and freedoms from the jaws of those who would like nothing better than to see the total destruction and ruin of the greatest country on earth. If we don’t, our children and grandchildren will be doomed to the resulting chaos and anarchy that will come. The grief experienced by the loss of a pet destroyed by an unrestrained wild animal will be nothing compared to the collective grief of a people that once knew the blessing of freedom but discarded it due to apathy and concern only for personal security. The suffering will be compounded by the knowledge that something could have been done but wasn’t. The price for freedom is eternal vigilance. May we wake up and take back lost ground before it is too late.

Susan Tesauro
Palos Heights