Be part of school family

Dear Editor,

I was saddened to read of the plight of the PTA in Chicago Ridge School District 127½ (Reporter, July 12). As Ridge Central’s secretary (Mrs. J.) between 1973 and 1997 the PTA maintained a prominent presence in the district. The faculty, staff and PTA worked closely in the many PTA sponsored events to bring in extra money for the students’ needs. The PTA Carnival in Ridge Central’s gym was a blast! Hot dog days, skating parties, assemblies, educational field trips, etc., are just some of the events.

Personally, I could call any of the moms to help me with events such as the all-school spaghetti lunch. I asked if they could serve and also bake cupcakes for dessert and they did! We were a school The Obama Nullification Doctrinefamily. I miss them!

I encourage the parents, grandparents and community members to become a part of that school family. An invitation has been extended to all of you. Don’t miss the opportunity. You will feel rewarded. I did!

Marlene Jeziorski
Oak Lawn