Fight for the love of freedom

Guest Column

By Bryan Golden

  The yearning to be free from oppression is engrained in the human spirit. Your freedom is a fundamental, unalienable right, not something granted to you by others.
  Your freedom is priceless. Your freedom is the foundation of happiness. Freedom motivates people to discover, invent, create and build. Every comfort and convenience you enjoy today was possible because of freedom. Your quality of life is dependent on how much freedom you have. Throughout history, free people flourish while the oppressed suffer in relentless misery.
  The human spirit craves freedom. People give up everything they own and risk their lives fleeing tyrannical societies. Countries where freedom is abundant and recognized as a basic human right are a magnet for people from every walk of life.
  Yet those who grow up with freedom often take it for granted. When freedom is all they have known, they don’t truly appreciate its irreplaceable nature. They have so much freedom that they are not alarmed when their freedom is incrementally suppressed. Then, by the time they realize their freedom has vanished, it’s too late. Once freedom is lost, and those seizing it are firmly entrenched, it is extremely difficult to recover.
  From the beginning of time, power hungry people have existed who seek to dominate others. Human history is characterized by oppression and subjugation. Since the dawn of mankind, tyrants, monarchs, dictators, and despots have been the norm. The misery endured by those living under their control is well documented. It is from these totalitarian societies that people risk everything to escape.
  The loss of your freedom rarely occurs all at once. No person, group, or government ever admits their intention to seize you freedom. Instead, your freedom is deceitfully taken in small increments under the guise of safety, health, personal welfare, fairness, or national security.
  The process of confiscating your freedom involves deceptive scare tactics. The power hungry claim to know what’s best for you. The erosion of your freedom is expedited by polarizing the population, splitting them into groups which are pitted against each other. Then freedom can be taken from each group under the pretext of protection from the other groups.
  This strategy works when people are complacent because they believe the freedoms being taken are not theirs and don’t affect them. However, freedom lost by anyone affects everyone. When freedom isn’t insisted on for all, then freedom will exist for none. All freedoms are essential, not just the ones you benefit from or believe in.
  You must stand up and say ‘no’ to those who would take your freedom or your neighbor’s freedom. Once one freedom starts to fall, a chain reaction begins that will consume all freedoms. Your freedom is hard to get and easy to lose. Although it takes vigilance to protect it, it takes so much more effort to get it back once it’s gone.
  Love and cherish your freedom. Stand up in support of your freedom. Speak out against those who want to suppress any freedoms. Freedom not protected is freedom lost. You have a right to be free.

Bryan is the author of “Dare to Live Without Limits.” Visit @ 2013 Bryan Golden