Letters to the Editor: Worth resident says mayor misrepresented village's financial situation

Woo for ‘Blue”

Dear Editor:

Don White’s guest column “Happy Blue Year” (Feb 28, 2013) was great and tells it like it is! My list of what needs to change asap:

1. Elect public servants who do not have hidden agendas.
2. Overall areas of government, elected officials need term limits.
3. Convert all public employee under funded pension programs into Social Security with a refund to the participants of over the 7.5% contribution and matched to the employer contribution, too. This should level the playing field and avoid double/triple dipping with retirees getting into the SS program even if they accept the cutback!
4. Make independent accounting firms actual become independent and not kiss ups to the accounts they audit, be it public or private, not have the ability to go out of business if the pot gets hot, like Arthur Anderson bailed when Enron went under.
5. All registered voters should come out to vote not just a few who do so maybe to just keep their public jobs, etc. secured. The statistics are sad percentage wise.
6. Make sure voter registration is encouraged by all education platforms beginning in high school through adulthood. It is our most cherished privilege to vote in our Republic, The United States of America! We the people, by the people and for the people should be shouted from the roof tops before we plunge into the republic that water.

Readers, please add your 7,8,9, and 10. We need to work together now!

Mim Jurcev, Oak Lawn


Worth resident claims
mayor, finance director
ran deception campaign

Dear Editor:

It wasn’t surprising to see that Worth Mayor Randy Keller and his financial director, Dwayne Fox, had to double-team in their effort to unjustifiably attack mayoral candidate and village Trustee Mary Werner. After all, it was Mary Werner who exposed the manufactured budget crisis Keller and Fox employed in order to try to grab at more taxing power that, if voters had approved the home rule referendum in spring 2011, could have included creating a new gas tax, a home rule sales tax and a property tax increase that would have devastated our real estate taxes above the present non-home rule limit.

I believe the residents of Worth will remember how Keller and Fox attempted to frighten and goad us into handing the Village Board more taxing power. Keller and Fox threatened we would lose our police department, that our streets would crumble, and that Village Hall would be padlocked if we didn’t give him his home rule power. If you remember, when the home rule vote failed he furthered his embarrassing threats to residents on the Village Hall marquee, warning “Home Rule Fails — service — program cuts — eliminations to follow.

Guess what? After home rule failed and once the dust settled, everyone got raises! In fact, the only one who voted against the outrageous raise for Fox was Mary Werner, the trustee they are both now attacking.

In his campaign literature, Keller has the gall to tell residents we are now doing great! How did that happen without Keller’s home rule and his absurd additional taxes?

In April 2012, Worth residents did agree to a 1-percent non-home rule tax which the village is bound by law to use only for property tax relief and/or infrastructure. Keller and Fox whined it would bring in a pittance. Wrong again, Mr. Keller. That non-home rule tax is bringing in almost a half million dollars a year! Now, Mr. Fox is circulating a piece of campaign literature against Mary Werner because she wants to abate the golf course tax levy and use the sales tax dollars for property tax relief — exactly as the law requires!

How many times will we subject ourselves to such dangerous political deception? Hopefully none after April.

So when you vote, do you vote for someone who tried to frighten you into giving him power by using distortions and threats to tax your prescriptions and food? Or do you vote for Mary Werner, who proved beyond a doubt we were all being deceived and misled?

Worth is lucky. Mary Werner has a 29-year background in accounting and budget, and without her expertise and her ability to expose the deception of the mayor and his financial director, our real estate tax increase would have more than doubled.

Dee Woods, Worth