Bulletin Board

Evergreen Park Dist. 124

School District 124 provides free vision, hearing, speech, language, basic concepts knowledge, and fine and gross motor skills screenings for children 3 to 5 years old who are not yet in kindergarten. Children eligible can qualify for special programs. For more information call Jean Hector at 423-0951, Ext. 2140.

High School Dis. 218

Community High School District 218 will hold its second All- Class reunion at 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 26 from 7 to 11 p.m. at 115 Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park. The Friends of District 218, an educational foundation, will sponsor the event as a fundraiser supporting college scholarships for students and grants for teachers. The event includes dinner, open bar (beer and wine), disk jockey and raffles. Tickets are $40 per couple, $25 per person through Jan. 11,$30 afterward.

Tickets are available at the District 218 Administrative Center, 10701 S. Kilpatrick Ave., or by calling 424-2000, Ext. 2500. Checks should be made payable to CHSD 218 Foundation. Tickets also are available in the main offices at Eisenhower High School, 12700 Sacramento Ave. in Blue Island; Richards High School, 10601 Central Ave. in Oak Lawn; and Shepard High School, 13049 Ridgeland Ave. in Palos Heights.

Moraine Valley

Moraine Valley will offer weekend classes during the spring 2013 semester. Classes to begin Jan. 18 or later include College: Changes, Challenges, Choices; Introduction to Psychology; Introductory Microbiology; Speech Fundamentals; Fire Fighting Tactics/Strategies II; and Composition II. A complete listing of credit and noncredit classes can be found in the spring 2013 class schedule or at morainevalley. edu. Registration is ongoing. Tuition is $104 per credit hour plus fees and books. Students who have applied to the college can register in the Registration Office in the Student Services Center (Building S); by phone at 974-2110 (TTY for the hearing impaired 974-9556); or at


Moraine Valley offers online and Internet hybrid courses. Online classes are taught primarily over the Internet, while hybrid courses are taught through a combination of classroom and Web-based instruction. Both types allow for students to attend all or part of their class via the Internet with the ability to access the instructor, classmates and course materials. Access to a Web-equipped computer is required.

Online and Web-assisted classes next spring include Spanish, General Sociology, World Religions, Environmental Science I, Introduction to Fiction, Beginning Algebra, Western Civilization I and II, Medical Terminology, Composition I and II, and General Biology. A complete listing of credit and noncredit classes can be found in the spring 2013 class schedule or online at morainevalley. edu.


Moraine Valley offers more than 60 classes beginning Jan. 19 at its Southwest Education Center, 17900 S. 94th Ave. in Tinley Park. Classes include Composition I and II, Keyboarding I, Art Appreciation, Principles of Marketing, College Algebra, Introduction to Psychology, Medical Terminology, General Sociology, Spanish I, and Music Appreciation. There are also several noncredit classes offered at SWEC including Plus 50 Internet Basics, Positive Thinking for Life, "Reel" Classic Films, and Beginning Conversational Spanish. A complete listing of all classes can be found in the spring 2013 class schedule or online at mo Registration is ongoing.

Student of the Week

Alec Rigik of Oak Lawn is a senior at Richards High School. He is an Eagle Scout who helped organize a collection drive for soldiers serving overseas.

What is the best thing about being a student at Richards?

The extracurricular activities. There is something for everyone, and it gives you opportunities to see your friends more often.

What is your favorite subject?

Honestly, gym. Being cramped up in desks is not my thing.

Do you participate in any clubs, sports or other extracurricular activites?

I play volleyball in the spring. Speech team and improv, and I was in the fall play. I'm also in Boy Scouts and play for the worship band at church.

Do you know what you want to do for a living?

Not a clue. Maybe something involving art or music, possibly teaching.

When do you do when not in school?

Playing my drums, seeing friends, or just relaxing.

Do you have any role models?

My older friend, John. He's just so passionate about everything he does and is easy to talk to.

If you could visit one place on Earth, where would it be?

Alaska! I love mountains, snow, and trees.

What is something you can't do without?

Snow. If we have another dry winter, I'm moving to Colorado.

Name one person, living or dead, with whom you would like to have a conversation?

Will Farrell. I feel we would become best friends.

Reveal something about yourself other people may consider strange.

I keep a framed picture of Jesus in the back of my car at all times. Just in case.

Campus Leaders

Kristina Hirtzer and Arthur Stringham II, both of Oak Lawn, made the dean's list for the fall 2012 semester at the University of St. Francis in Joliet.


Jo R. Pieczynski of Oak Lawn made the dean's list for the fall 2012 semester at Coastal Carolina University.

Temporary reprieve

Richards High School students Joseph Dauod (foreground) and Markus Jackson, seen here, use their cell phones to text questions to friends and family members during teacher Jamie Soderstrom's marketing experiment.

After watching "Pay Attention," a documentary about how teachers use technology in their classrooms, Richards High School students in Soderstrom's marketing classes took out their cell phones for a contest. Students texted three questions: how's the weather there, what was the last thing you bought and what did you have for breakfast to their family and friends; and the class that received the most responses in a 10-minute period won. By asking questions without explaining why they were doing so, students mimicked marketers who often get personal data from people with little or no resistance.

Head of the herd

Twenty-seven seniors at Evergreen Park High School have been named Illinois State Scholars by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. They are Britney Andersen (front, from left), Anthony Betts, Danielle Biel, Steven Bourke, Colleen Burns, Chelsea Christopher and Mary Dickey; Annie Gortowski (middle, from left), Joseph Keleher, Jenna Mahoney, Melissa Mann, Emily Martin and Christopher Murray; and Maggie O'Toole (back, from left), Rebecca Przeslicke, Christine Putlak, Michael Reuter, Nicholas Siemiawski, Amber Turner, Kyle Venhuizen. Not pictured are Eleni Eliopoulos, Michelle Estand, John Measner, Kathleen Mitchell, Paul Romano, Rachel Torrez and Moira Wood.