High schools host science fair

Winners from the 2nd annual Mother McAuley and Brother Rice Jr. High Science Fair were LaShon Walker (standing, from left), Adam Popper, Erin Donovan, Ryan Kaczynski, Stacey Padilla, Michelle Ptak, Jessica Escobedo, Carley Perovic, Sean Kirchman, Brigid Stewart, Hannah Heppner, Nina Zheng, Caeli Day and Marisa Morgan; and Savannah Gilgenberg (kneeling, from left), Melissa Madrangca, Mayra Vasquez and Emma Salzman. Submitted Photo

  Mother McAuley and Brother Rice high schools hosted a Junior High Science Fair last month that featured more than 60 girls and boys in grades six through eight.
  Students were invited to enter an investigation or invention project. The investigation projects uses scientific methodology including experimentation to carry out an investigation; while invention projects are original designs that serve a purpose, solve a problem or improve an object invented by someone else. The judges consisted of McAuley science teachers and alumnae, and each participant was evaluated on their presentation, question or invention, background research, hypothesis, variables, materials, procedure, data, analysis, conclusion, and their ability to sum up the project.
  The top three students for each grade level in both categories were selected winners. In the eighth-grade investigation category, Ryan Kaczynski of St. Christina won first place for his project, “Best Wood for Campfire;” Erin Donovan of St. Christina took second with her project, “Does color-blindness differ from person to person?” and Carley Perovic of St. Christina took third with her project, “Which materials melt ice fastest?”
  At the seventh-grade level, Marisa Morgan of St. Joseph-Lockport won first place for “Hardest Nail Polish;” Melissa Madrangca and Myra Vasquez of St. Albert the Great took second with “How does exercise affect a diabetic adult?” and Sean Kirchman of St. Albert the Great took third with his project, “How do different types of music affect blood pressure?”
  In the sixth-grade category, Savannah Gilgenberg, Stacey Padilla and Michelle Ptak of St. Albert the Great won first place for investigating how tornadoes form; Emma Salzman from Healy School won second for “Soapy Suds and More;” and Brigid Stewart, Jessica Escobedo and Nina Zheng of St. Albert the Great won third for their project “Montgolfier Ping-Pong Experiment.”

  In the eighth grade invention category, Adam Popper from St. Alphonsus/St. Patrick won first place for his water droplet generator.

  In the seventh-grade invention category, Hannah Heppner of St. Christina won first place for her music tube, Caeli Day from St. Christina won second place for her light saver, and LaShon Walker from St. John DeLasalle took third place for her emergency alert system.