Dist. 218 employs security measures

For Public Safety

From Bob McParland District 218

In light of the tragic incident last Friday in Connecticut, District 218 would like to remind parents, students, and all community members of the need to work together to make schools as safe as possible.

"Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of the students and teachers of Sandy Hook Elementary School. There are no words to adequately convey our sympathies," said Superintendent Dr. John Byrne.

Before the start of each school year, District 218 updates parents on the various measures that keep schools as safe as possible.

"Today providing a safe learning environment demands our focus and commitment as never before. We no longer focus solely on education. We must think 'safety' at all times, too," said Byrne.

District 218 asks that parents and students play their part in helping to maintain safe schools. Everyone has a right to feel safe at school.

For students, this starts with respecting others. For parents, this involves talking with their children, maintaining interest in activities, knowing their friends, and monitoring where they go.

District 218 also features a dedicated telephone line where parents can report security concerns anonymously. That telephone number is 572-9405.

Other security measures in District 218 include:

  • Requiring students and staff to wear photo identification cards at all times;
  • Requiring parents to annually provide proof of residency prior to registration;
  • Updating the video system that monitors the interior and exterior of buildings;
  • Maintaining closed campuses (students may not leave school grounds);
  • Allowing visitors to enter through one door, which we lock. Security personnel then buzz in visitors, who must present photo identification and wear a visitor's badge that includes their picture; and,

Employing police liaison officers who are officers on our local community departments and security staff and usually are community residents. These partnerships allow Eisenhower, Richards, Shepard, Summit and Delta to have access to the expertise and advice of the 9 different fire and police departments that are within the boundaries of District 218.

Assistance includes emergency training, event traffic management, general building safety information, and information regarding community safety initiatives.

Local police departments have used the buildings and grounds for training exercises for their staff, canine units to insure that our schools and communities remain safe.