Doin' it to feed the needy

Students and teachers from Shepard High School in Palos Heights continued a tradition more than one quarter century in the making by delivered turkeys, stuffing, potatoes, and canned goods to more than 30 area families unable to pick up their Thanksgiving meals.

The Jerry Lemon Food Drive, named for the teacher who founded the project in the 1980s, fed hundreds of people last week. More will benefit at Christmas when teachers and students attempt to fill a large storage room in the Shepard basement with food and gifts.

Lemon, a health teacher, had asked his students to bring in labels from canned foods to discuss nutritional information. Too lazy to peel off the labels, many just brought the cans, so Lemon chose to donate them to an area food pantry. In the years that followed, the food drive evolved; after Lemon retired, Shepard teacher Glenn Simms managed the food drive for 20 years before retiring in 2008.