Peace in Paris

CHRCH queenpeace 4col  Twelve Queen of Peace High School French students spent spring break in Paris, accompanied by their French teacher Therese Haskins. Students experienced the usual tourist must-sees like the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and Versailles, but also saw private apartments in Versailles, Marie-Antoinette’s little Austrian hamlet, and the studios of Yves Saint-Laurent. The participants stayed with host families just outside Paris.

  Students who took the trip were Alyson Bourret, Bridget Hannon, Tess Haskins Klemchuk, Katie Hannon, Hannah Rizzo, Megan Sheeran, Vanessa Ramirez, Lauren Crotty, Mallory Siska, Stephanie Sada, Ellen Curtin, Soledad Granados and Jessica Banialis.

Submitted photo