Knife-wielding intruder threatens Worth man at his apartment

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  A Worth man said he was attacked Dec. 19 by a man who placed a knife to his throat and threatened to have him killed, police said.
  The 61-year-old victim told police that a man whose voice he recognized knocked at 5:40 p.m. on the door of his apartment in the 10600 block of Oak Tree Drive.
  When he opened the door, the man grabbed him, threw him to the ground, picked him up and threw him onto a kitchen chair, according to reports. The offender sat in an adjacent chair and placed a stiletto-style knife to the victim’s throat, police said. He repeatedly said, “I want my stuff back, according to reports.” The victim told the man he hadn’t stolen anything from him.
  The offender said he would not kill the man but would get a member of a motorcycle gang to do it. “You won’t know when it’s coming,” he said, before walking to the front door and handing the knife to someone standing outside the apartment who the victim could not see, he said.
  The victim ran into his bedroom and locked the door, he said. He could hear the offender in his apartment, so he pretended to call police. He waited in the bedroom for about a minute until he realized the man was gone and called police, he said.
  The victim told police that the offender owns a shop that was burglarized, and that might be the “stuff” to which he was referring.