Barefoot and lead foot — Chicago woman charged in OL with multiple traffic offenses

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  A woman driving through Oak Lawn 30 miles above the posted speed limit with an open bottle of cognac next to the driver’s seat was charged Oct. 12 with aggravated drunken driving and several other violations, police said.
  Nicole M. Townsend, 27, of Chicago, also was charged transportation of open alcohol, speeding, driving without insurance, driving with an obstructed windshield, driving on a suspended license and blocking an intersection after being stopped at the 111th Street and Cicero Avenue at 2:19 a.m., according to reports.
  Townsend was clocked at 65 miles per hour near 103rd Street and Cicero Avenue, police said. She acknowledged that the speed limit was 35 miles per hour and believed she was driving about five miles over the limit, according to reports.
  Police noticed an odor of alcohol on Townsend’s breath. She had bloodshot eyes and “thick tongued” speech, they said. She exited car without shoes and was told to put them on before police proceeded with field sobriety tests, police said.
  Townsend said she was returning from a birthday party at 147th Street and Burnham where she had three drinks. Her blood alcohol level was .191, police said.
  She laughed and said, “I failed. I drunk. I been drinking all night,” police said.
  Townsend later said she was driving much faster, police said.
  “I was only going about 80,” she said, according to the report. “We were on the highway when you stopped me. Honestly, I shouldn’t have been driving. It was a long night. But the speed limit was about 75, and I was going about 85 or 90. It was real close. I’m confused. How can my license be suspended if I’ve never had a license? That doesn’t make sense. I never took the written test.”