Name game — men lie to cops about monikers

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  An Oak Lawn man was charged with driving on a suspended license and arrested on three outstanding warrants Oct. 18 but not before lying about his identity, Hickory Hills police said.

  David Wesley Jr., 36, was stopped in the 7700 block of 95th Street for having an expired vehicle registration, according to reports.

  Police subsequently learned that Wesley Jr. was wanted on warrants for failing to appear in court in Montgomery, Ill., and Aurora and disorderly conduct in Kane County, according to reports.

  When he was pulled over, Wesley Jr. identified himself as David Wesley III, the name of his 18-year-old son, police said. He said he did not have any identification. Police, however, believed he was older than 18.

  In fact, Wesley III was a passenger in the car, who also lied about his identity when questioned by police. He was given a warning about lying about his name.