Man charged with assault after scuffle with cops

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  A Justice man was charged with aggravated assault and resisting a police officer Sept. 19 following a stop in the 10100 block of Tripp Avenue in Oak Lawn, police said.
  Keenan J. Williams, 19, was stopped after police spotted him drop off a passenger. Prior to that, police saw Williams slowly driving throughout the Oak Lawn neighborhood.
  Police stopped the passenger, who confirmed that Williams had given him a ride home.

  Williams’ car remained parked for several more minutes, leading police to approach him. He immediately became verbally abusive and refused to talk to police, according to reports.
  He walked toward the driver’s side of his car when he was told he was being detained, according to a report. Police attempted to cuff him so they could perform a weapons check but told Williams that he was not under arrest.

  The report said Williams swore at officers and said he was being harassed. He was told to drop his car key but gripped it harder and tried cut an officer’s hands, police said. Police brought Williams to the ground, forced him to drop the key and arrested him, reports said.