Police say OL man was threatened with wooden stick

  An Oak Lawn man was threatened Aug. 16 by a stick-wielding man who threatened to kill him, police said.
  The 68-year-old victim told police he was crossing Keeler Avenue at 93rd Street at about 9 a.m. and was nearly hit by blue Chevrolet Malibu traveling west on 93rd Street. He said he had to push himself off the passenger side of the car to avoid being hit.
  The car did a U-turn at the intersection and stopped on the south side of 93rd Street. The driver got out of the car and removed a large wooden stick from the trunk, according to reports.
  The man attempted to hit the victim with the stick but missed, causing the stick to hit the ground and break in half, police said. The offender returned to his car and fled south on Keeler Avenue.