The (Shoe) Doctor is still in

  • Written by Claudia Parker

Beloved EP business loaded up the Kia and moved to Beverly

  Moises Compos — the man known PAGE-1-color-3col-moisesThe Shoe Doctor — Moises Campos — is now honing his craft in Beverly after spending a number of years in Evergreen Park. Photo by Jeff Moises the Shoe Doctor — made an emergency exit from The Plaza in Evergreen Park, by turning his Kia Sportage into an ambulance of sorts that transported his business into Beverly.

  “We just didn’t have time to inform all of our customers,” his grandson, Steve Sanchez, said. “We received notice of the closure in April and we had until the end of May to vacate the premises. We didn’t even hire movers. My grandfather used his creativity and built a shoe rack on top of his Kia Sportage SUV. It took 25 trips but we got it done!”
  Many of the small businesses within The Plaza left 10 years ago when rumors of the closure first began to surface. During that time, Compos, of Chicago’s Little Village neighborhood was just a loyal employee to former owner and friend, Alberto Levin. Compos began working for Levin in The Plaza in 1969 shortly after he and wife, Maura, and their nine children arrived from Mexico, hoping for a chance for a better life.
  Compos said wasn’t deterred by the rumors of The Plaza closing. He eagerly slipped into Levin’s shoes and purchased, what was then known as, Sam the Shoe Doctor in 2001.
  For Compos, he said it was a dream realized. Prior to his arrival in America, he said he established himself making cowboy boots in Mexico. Compos said he was grateful to have a job repairing some of the same merchandise he had experience making by hand. The entrepreneur within him began to grow and he expanded the business beyond shoe repair.
  Moises The Shoe Doctor is a retailer of western wear that offers repairs on shoes, purses, handbags, jackets, and boots.
  The store also offers custom orthotic assistance. Shoe shines are another popular service that brings back the regulars. Sanchez, of Chicago, works with Campos.
3-col-jump-MOISES2Moises Campos, Stephen Sanchez and Steve Sanchez show some of the boots available at their new shop in Beverly after their old shop got the boot from the Plaza in the spring. Photo by Jeff Vorva.  So why in this age do people still have their shoes fixed?
  “Many of our customers come to us because they have an attachment to the item,” Sanchez said. “It can’t be replaced anywhere else or it’s too costly to replace.”
  Dorothy Tryban and daughter, Tracy Tryban of Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood have fond memories of Moises and his shop.
  “Growing up in the Back of The Yards neighborhood as a child, we couldn’t afford a closet full of shoes like what people have now,” Dorothy said. “Shoes had a purpose. There was a pair for church, school and play. It was rare for our shoes to be replaced, they were always repaired.”
  Tracy recalls being with her late father, James Tryban, in The Plaza, when he’d have his shoes repaired.
  “Sometime it would be the heel, other times the soles,” Tracy said. “I remember the tap-tap-tap of the nail hitting the bottom of the shoe, tacking the new sole into place. I was just a little girl, over 25 years ago. It’s amazing they’re still around with all the big box businesses we have now.”
  Yes, Moises the Shoe Doctor is still practicing but now in a location at 10935 S Western Ave, tucked away inside a small, strip mall.
  “My grandfather has another 20 years in him,” Sanchez said. “We left Evergreen Park but we haven’t left our customers. (We want them to) stop in and say hello.”

Storm causes OL officials to re-think emergency system

  • Written by Bob Rakow

 The severe storm from Sunday may lead to significant changes to Oak Lawn’s new tornado system, which has been the subject of criticism since it was installed in the summer.
  Police Lt. Art Clark, who heads the village’s emergency management system, said the village may eliminate the system’s automated voices and rely solely on a longer tone to warn people of tornadoes and other disasters.
  “This is one of the things we’re looking at,” Clark said.
  Currently, the system features a siren as well as voice capabilities that communicate to residents in English, Spanish, Polish and Arabic. Warnings are broadcast in English first followed by the other three languages. English is not the first language spoken in 26 percent of Oak Lawn homes, Clark said.
  Some residents have complained that the siren is too loud or too soft, while others believe messages should be broadcast solely in English, Clark said. Still others have complained that the system does not include their native language, he said.
  The system is designed for outdoor notification, Clark said. There are six sets of sirens strategically located throughout the village, he said. Messages can be communicated from the police station or a squad car and to one or all of the speakers, he said. He said it is impossible to ensure that every resident will hear the siren clearly.
  To further alert residents of weather-related disasters, the village is offering coupons for a 50 percent discount on a NOAA Weather Radio. The coupons will distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis beginning Dec. 7 at village hall and can be redeemed at Walgreens, 4740 W. 95th St. The cost of the radio with the coupon is $20.
  The radios broadcast information from the National Weather Service.

After last year’s absence, Sexton ready for EP village address today

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  Evergreen Park Mayor Jim Sexton will outline the village’s future today, Thursday, in his annual state of the village address.
  Sexton’s luncheon remarks will be made at 11:30 a.m. at the village’s senior center, 9547 W. Homan Ave. Tickets are $6.
  The mayor was forced to skip last year’s speech, as he was recovering from West Nile virus.
  “I’ll be glad to be back with the seniors,” Sexton said. “There’s a lot that’s happened.”
  The bulk of Sexton’s address will focus on retail development throughout the village. The mayor plans to bring seniors up to speed on plans to redevelop the Plaza and the recent groundbreaking for Mariano’s, an upscale grocer that expects to open in late 2014.
  The future of the Plaza is still in the planning stages, but Sexton’s hopeful he can announce a grand opening date during his 2014 state of the village speech.
  What he can tell seniors is that Binny’s Beverage Depot held its grand opening on Wednesday. The liquor store is doing business in the former Bleekers Bowl, 3447 W. 95th St.
  Sexton said the store is paying tribute to Bleekers by posting a photo of the longtime bowling alley in the store and preserving one of the racks used to store balls.
  Across the street, Tavern on the Green is putting the finishing touches on the restaurant that will replace Karson’s Restaurant and Pancake House, an establishment in the village for decades.
  Meanwhile, Beverly Bank is renovating the bank on the northeast corner of 95th Street and Pulaski Road while Walgreens, which is building a new store on the southeast corner of the intersection, is expect to open in late 2014, Sexton said.

Retro Reporter 11-21-13

  • Written by Compiled by Jeff Vorva

Retro Reporter ArtMayor considers resigning after adultery charge
50 years ago
From the Nov. 21, 1963 edition
  The story: Palos Hills Mayor John Jager indicated he would consider resigning after “political pressures” are involved in an adultery charge filed by his next door neighbor and causing his wife to leave their home.
  The quote: “(I left) for a rest from the telephone calls and harassment (which) started before the election and have become more evident since,” — Doris Jager — John Jager’s wife.
  Fun fact: Just in time for Thanksgiving, Pick-N-Save in Worth was selling tender young tom turkeys for 29 cents a pound. Big spenders could go for the center-cut pork chops at 55 cents per pound. Also, a grand opening of McDonald’s at 87th and Harlem was scheduled to open Nov. 23.

Fooooooood fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight at the White Castle
25 years ago
From the November 24, 1988 edition
  The story: The Oak Lawn Village Board voted 5-0 to award $1.8 million worth of contracts for a phase of construction for a new Public Safety Building at 95th Street between Raymond Avenue and 53rd Court.
  The quote: “Nooo! It’s here! Every day it’s sitting there, waiting for me. Oh, the horror! I can’t take it anymore!” — Reporter reporter Jeff Wisniewski on dealing with leftover Thanksgiving turkey.
  Fun fact: Nancy Golden of Hinsdale charged with disorderly conduct by Oak Lawn police after she allegedly threw food at a policeman at a White Castle. Golden and several other women were throwing food at each other before police arrived, according to a report.

Big plans in Hickory Hills
10 years ago
From the Nov. 20, 2003 edition
  The story: Hickory Hills officials mulled a hotel and convention center on 95th Street off the I-294 tollway. They also brainstormed with ideas of building a conference center and resort hotel at the Hickory Hills Country Club and a banquet and theater facility on the property of the Sabre Room.
  The quote: “Ding! Ding! Ding! goes the trolley. The Holly Trolley that is.” — the opening of Jason Maholy’s story about a trolley service in Evergreen Park.
  Fun fact: Snackville Junction in Evergreen Park offered a free Thanksgiving dinner as a thank-you for those in the community who supported the restaurant.

Evergreen Park, Worth-Ridge enjoy Super Bowl titles

  • Written by Jeff Vorva

  The Evergreen Park Stallions and Worth-Ridgepage-4-2-col-worthridge2The Panthers defense forces a fumble against Hessville in Super Bowl action at Toyota Park. Photo by Jeff Vorva. Panthers were big winners at the Metro Youth Football League Super Bowl XXX event Saturday at Toyota Park.

  The Panthers claimed the Junior Division title with a 51-22 victory over the Hessville Vipers to finish 11-0 for the second year in a row. The Stallions won the Widget title with a 31-8 victory over the Summit Rebels. The Stallions also won the Fall Brawl Super Pee Wee Championship game with a 19-12 win over the Hayes Park Blitz.

  The Panthers Junior Division championship team features Aryk Banks, Daniel Green, Dale Williams, Anthony Tatro, Alex Telez, Sebastian Castro, Michael Jennings, De’Andre Bartlett, Prentise Powell, Zion White, Kyle Neputy, Terrell Washington, Justin Chapman, Greg Hoard, Maurice Brent, Samuel Alvarado, Brian Banks, Matt Rivera, Julian Sanchez, Aldo Gallegos, Riley Murphy, Henry Light and Kenneth Moore.

  The Stallions’ Widget champion team consists of Jalen Johnson, Eli Verveka, Myles Hopkins, Jose Alencastro, Jessi Plunkett, Dylan Kulovitz, Edward Porter Jr., Denzel Anderson, Nile Hill, Tyrone Dixon Jr., Nkosi Hood, Sammy Spencer, Dabney Tatum IV, Sean Wilkinson, Ryan Schickel, Chase Hall, Malcolm Horton, Amari Watkins, Devin Linson, Amir Noble, Kyle Clayton, Loyal Howard, Antonio Underwood and Charles Parker Jr.
page-4-3-col-ep33Evergreen Park’s Nile Hill gains some yards in a victory over the Summit Rebels. Phot by Jeff Vorva.  Evergreen’s Fall Brawl title team consists of Diego Toledo, Frankie Plunkett, Ethan Collins, William Cambria, Nelson Thornton, Nicholas White, Jr., Danny Fontaine, Joseph Hall, CalenKulovitz, Noah Gertonson, Michael Romac, Tyler Denton, Preston Trepac, Michael Collins Jr., Logan Karr, Asael Rubalcava, Yael Martinez, Ryan Fontaine, Willie Smith III, Ryan Lych, Nolan Rinearson, Nolan Smith and Jake Aldape.