Palos Hills seeks new building commissioner

  • Written by Joe Boyle

The search for a new building commissioner for Palos Hills was at the forefront of topics discussed at last Thursday’s city council meeting.

The city is looking for a permanent replacement for Gene Nelson, the longtime building commissioner who died last year. Nelson was looking to retire from the position and was in the process of training Gene Newman.

However, Newman has indicated that he will be unable to take on the position on a full-time basis.

Mayor Gerald Bennett and the council agreed recently to advertise for someone to take on the role as a full-time building commissioner.

“When I was at city hall at night I knew how hard Gene Nelson worked,” said Ald. Pauline Stratton (2nd). “Mr. Nelson was a good man who worked very hard. Gene Newman is also very conscientious and works hard.”

Stratton said the building commissioner position was originally full-time and was changed to part-time in an effort to save costs for the city. However, the board has reversed their position and made the building commissioner a full-time position again.

“We did change to part-time,” said Stratton. “But that position should not have been part-time in the first place. It’s not a part-time job. Gene Newman was working full-time hours. There is just a lot of work to do. A lot has to be done as a commissioner.”

Bennett said that it is early and will take some time before a full-time building commissioner can be found.

“Remember, we are looking for a new building commissioner,” Bennett reminded the board and audience.

A new head of the newly created animal control office and ordinance department is being sought. Bennett was asked if the salary was too high. The mayor responded that it is not.

“I have done a lot of research on this and the salary is competitive with other salaries of other municipalities,” said Bennett.

The city council honored two residents during the meeting. Vietnam veteran James Kruse and Chicago Blackhawks organist Frank Pellico were cited.

Kruse was named a “Senior of the Year” by Cong. Dan Lipinski’s (D-3rd) office. Kruse helped organize drop-off containers for residents to bring food items and letters to be sent to troops overseas. Kruse said he received support from many organizations including members of Sacred Heart Parish.

“One a solider, always a soldier,” said Kruse “However, it is those Americans who serve overseas that need our help. I remember when I was in the service. Sometimes you think, ‘does anybody besides our family care where what we are doing out here?’ It’s important to show we care. It means so much.”

Bennett presented Kruse with a plaque for his efforts.

“He’s really been great with the vets and he spends so much time helping them,” said Bennett. “He speaks at different events and sends items overseas to the troops. It’s nice to have someone who cares for the community.”

The mayor then presented an honorary street sign he had made up for Pellico, who has three Stanley Cup rings that he showed the audience. Pellico was also honored for an act of kindness in which he bought a meal for a Hickory Hills police officer at a local McDonald’s. Someone had paid for Pellico’s meal and he was returning the favor. He was highlighted a couple of months ago in a column by Dee Woods, a Reporter columnist.

“He wanted to share the victories with us,” said Bennett, about Pellico stopping by with his Stanley Cup rings. “He is a nice man and I’ve known him for a long time.”

The next Palos Hills City Council meeting will be at 7 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 21.