So long, suckers

  • Written by Bob Rakow

Beloved train-themed restaurant that gave out

free lollipops to kids to close Saturday

An iconic Evergreen Park restaurant is expected to closePage-3-2-col-junction-signhThe iconic Snackville Junction sign displays the bad news about the restaurant closing on Saturday. Photo by Jeff Vorva. its doors for the last time on Saturday, bringing an end to much-loved tradition in the village.
  Snackville Junction, the 1950s style diner, 9144 S. Kedzie Ave., was best known for delivering hamburgers on an electric train that ran along tracks on the lunch counter and for the tradition of handing out suckers to kids.
  The Perez-Rogers family, which has owned the restaurant for past seven years, announced on Facebook that they “lost their struggle against foreclosure of Snackville Junction.”
  The restaurant got its start in Chicago’s Beverly community more than 60 years ago and moved to Evergreen Park in the 1970s. The Perez-Rogers purchased the restaurant from the original owner and reopened it in 2008.
  The owners said in a Facebook posting that they did everything possible to keep the restaurant open.
  “We have worked very hard the last seven years to continue with this beloved tradition. We’ve done everything in our power to comply with our initial agreement with the bank that financed our mortgage. We were diligent and prompt with our monthly payments, insurance and everything else that a business owner is expected to do.”
  The family said the bank that holds the mortgage demanded the entire outstanding loan balance when it came time to renew the loan.
  “After a year-long attempt to negotiate, there is no longer anything we can do. We are broken hearted and felt the need to communicate this very unfortunate circumstance.”
  The owners also thanked their patrons for their support and well wishes.
  “Thank you so much for sharing all of your wonderful memories with us.
  We will miss all the adorable children and their families. We were so fortunate to have been a part of this historical and iconic institution. We hope that somewhere somehow the Snackville Junction choo-choo will return to deliver those anticipated suckers.”
  Patrons turned to Facebook to express their love of the diner.
  “So sad to hear that you will be leaving. The kids enjoyed going there to get their food delivered on the train and the lollipops too. Everyone had a smile on their face and the food was great,” one person posted.
  The wrong business is closing. A family tradition for 60 years and a place where 16-year-old kids can learn what it’s like to have a job. This is so wrong, another patron posted.