Who’s (with) the Boss?

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


EP boy gets to jam with Springsteen in NashvilleBruuuuceEvergreen Park’s Henry Hynes, right, was able to share the stage with Bruce Springsteen for two minutes last Thursday in Nashville. Submitted photo.

On the 25th song of the fifth concert of his 2014 North American Tour, Bruce Springsteen gave an Evergreen Park boy a chance to play with him on stage for a little more than two minutes.
Henry Hynes, 10, and his parents, Patrick and Jennifer, and other family members, were at Springsteen’s concert last Thursday at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville.
During the first encore that included industrial-strength hits “Born in the USA”, “Born To Run” and “Dancing in the Dark” played back-to-back-to-back, Springsteen decided to have fun with the audience. In “Dancing in the Dark,” the New Jersey singer played several minutes of the song and during a saxophone solo, he went to the right side of the stage brought up two women to dance and pose for selfie photos.

Then he took his guitar and strutted back toward the middle of the stage and pointed toward the front row and motioned for Hynes, who was wearing a Blackhawks jersey, to step up to the stage.
Hynes climbed on stage and the two shook hands and the Boss handed the kid a brown acoustic guitar and placed it around his neck.
With Springsteen at his right and spreading his right leg back to get toward Hynes’ height, Springsteen gave the young man a few instructions and the two jammed on their guitars.
Springsteen went back to the microphone stand and motioned Hynes to join him. Springsteen took the mic off the stand, bent over and let the kid scream “hey baby” a couple of times to the thousands in the audience.
The singer bent low again while the two jammed some more and the tune ended with band members clapping for Hynes. Springsteen held the kid’s right hand and the two bowed and basked in the adulation.

The boss rubbed the kid’s hair, removed the guitar and escorted him back to his seat.
The big moment can be found on YouTube. The family was still out of town before the Reporter’s deadline but Henry told Sun-Time Media “I got on stage but I lost my shoe but I started singing and he gave me a guitar. I had on my Hawks jersey and I think he saw it right away and I was right upfront so I think that’s why he picked me.’’