Emotions also run high as Saturday’s rally draws 150

  • Written by Bob Rakow

An emotional Rebecca Tully Saturday discussed the anger and frustration she’s faced in the five months since her daughter’s death during a rally designed to bring attention to the tragic incident.
“All of the questions continue to go unanswered,” Tully told approximately 150 people gathered at the Christensen Terrace Centre, on Saturday afternoon. “We want to know how this happened. We need your help.”
Specifically, Tully and her family asked supporters to write and email Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez as well as Worth officials demanding that the investigation be stepped up.
The center, 115th Street and Beloit Avenue, is located near the Worth boat launch where Brittany Wawrzyniak’s body was found on the night on Nov. 8.
On Tuesday night, many of the same supporters walked from the boat launch to the center, the site of the village board meeting. At that meeting, Wawrzyniak’s family asked village leaders to intensify their focus on the case.
Worth police have refused to comment, saying the case it is an ongoing investigation. Meanwhile, Cook County prosecutors have told family members they can’t pursue further charges against Eric Steven Johnson unless they’re given more information from police.
Johnson has been charged with possession of a controlled substance.
Prosecutors maintain Wawrzyniak met Johnson at the boat launch, got into the back seat of his car and handed him $200 in exchange for 30 pills of Clonazepam. She began counting the pills while still in the back seat as Johnson drove away. She opened the door of the moving car, was ejected and struck the pavement. She was pronounced dead at Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn less than one hour later.
The family rejects that argument, saying instead that the 18-year-old Wawrzyniak arranged a bogus drug buy as way of setting up a fight between a friend and another girl that was with Johnson.
The Worth police have confirmed that there were no drugs in Wawrzyniak’s system the night she died, the family has said.
The 90-minute rally also featured Tully and other family members field questions from supporters who packed the Christensen Terrace Centre gym.
“I’m a little nervous, so bear with me,” Tully said.
Tully read from a prepared statement and showed a brief PowerPoint presentation that recapped the circumstances surrounding her daughter’s death. She reminded the crowd that the tragedy that beset her family could have happened to anyone.
“We as a community don’t want to let this go,” she said.