Brittany supporters vow that more heat will come

  • Written by Jeff Vorva

After about an hour of having her board,Page-1-color-2-col-patdownPeople who attended Tuesday’s board meeting were patted down and frisked for weapons after there was a threat posted on Facebook about potential violence at the meeting. Photo by Jeff Vorva. police force and herself verbally attacked by the friends and family of Brittany Wawrzyniak, Worth Mayor Mary Werner called for a recess.
Most of the board members followed her into a side room at the Christensen Terrace Centre to take a break and to gather their thoughts for the rest of items on the agenda.
An estimated crowd of 200 gathered to question officials and police about Wawrzyniak’s death in November and how they are handling the investigation and treating the family. The crowd was heated and at times hurled personal insults at the board.
And there may be more heat to come.
During the board’s break, Patrick Wawrzniak, Brittany’s father, thanked the supporters for coming out and informed them to show up again at the village’s next board meeting April 15.
“Let’s block 111th Street!” shouted one supporter from the crowd. “Let’s shut it down!”
Generally, board meetings are held the first and third Tuesdays of the month at the Village Hall, 7112 W. 111th St. But because of the anticipated crowd on Tuesday night, the meeting was moved to the gym area of the Christensen Terrace Centre – not far from where Brittany Wawrzniak’s death occurred.
The village has not announced if the next meeting will also be moved.
Despite the fact that some of the comments aimed at Werner and the board were profane, Mike Tully, Brittany’s step father, said this was “an important step” in pursuing what happened to Brittany.
“We needed this to happen to get it out,” he said.
One supporter said he planned on coming to every board meeting to protest until the family and community received answers. Werner told the audience it might take eight-to-10 months before the police or village will be able to comment publicly on the case.