Palos Hills seeking grant to help restock Pleasure Lake

  • Written by Kelly White

  City of Palos Hills officials they the deep freeze of this winter has taken a toll on fish in their lake and are hoping to restock it this spring.
  They are seeking a grant from ComEd to help fund it.
  ComEd has a Green Region Grant Program to support municipalities, townships and park districts in their efforts to improve public outdoor places. Grants will be for amounts up to $10,000 and this is a matching grant. The Community Resource Department in Palos Hills, after approval at last Thursday’s City Council meeting, submitted an application for the revitalization and fish restocking of Pleasure Lake, located at 10801 S Roberts Rd., calling it the Revitalization and Fish Restocking of Pleasure Lake Project.
  The City of Palos Hills would be matching the ComEd Green Region Grant Program sum of $10,000 if awarded the grant money through the city’s Capital Development Fund. Currently, the city’s Capital Development Fund holds $170,000 to be used for any improvements within the city involving the city’s parks. Mayor Jerry Bennett noted matching the amount, if awarded the grant money, would not be a concern. “We do have that money set aside for our parks,” he said.
  By submitting in the application to the ComEd Green Region Grant Program, the city is committing to the expenditure of matching the funds necessary for the project’s success if the application is approved.
  “The grant, if awarded, would allow us to purchase equipment to aerate the lake to help in combating algae and vegetation, etc.,” Alderman Joe Marrotta (4th Ward) said. “We would also like to stock the lake with several varieties of fish.”
  The purchased fish would include bass and blue gill fish, along with several other varieties of fish. The total fish procurement would only equal out to about an estimated $1,000, Mary Joe Vincent, Commissioner Resource & Recreation Department stated. The remaining amount of the money from the ComEd grant, and matching amount from the Capital Development Fund, would be used for aerators and diffusers to aid in the revitalization of the lake.
  The city council members stressed revitalizing the lake and keeping it clean and sanitary takes priority over the restocking, which is why the cost is higher for the revitalization purposes rather than the restocking of the fish. The lake will be cleared from most of its algae and vegetation, thanks to the revitalization portion of the project, prior to distributing in the new fish into the lake. The entire project will give new life and a new look to Pleasure Lake.

  “Lake Katherine restocks their fish all the time,” Bennett said in support of the ComEd Green Region Grant Program, “Even though that is a deeper lake, we do need to be restocking our lake more often, obviously not to this extreme, but after a winter like this one, restocking the fish in a little excess is probably necessary.”

  The city council also agreed with the concern over the deep freeze of winter affecting this year’s spring fish. The unbearable winter cold has prolonged during this never-ending season, keeping the city’s lakes covered in both ice and frost for a much longer duration of time than previous winter seasons.
  “Restocking our lake after a winter like this one, especially, is definitely a good decision,” Bennett added.