Bogus 911 caller pulled off two previous heists

  • Written by Kevin M. Coyne

 Chicago Ridge Deputy Chief Paul Landry said police nabbed a suspected bank robber who pulled off at least two other heists and a 21-year-old Chicago Ridge man who robbed a Shell station at gunpoint.
  As reported in last week’s Reporter, Javier Diaz, 27, of Franklin Park, was apprehended by Chicago Ridge police after a Jan. 30 attempted robbery at a Bank Financial branch, 6415 W. 95th St. Diaz had made a phony call to 911 to say a gunman was at an Oak Lawn school, hoping to divert the police.
  According to police Diaz passed the teller a note demanding $10,000 or his gang would come back and kill the teller.

  It was learned by police that Diaz successfully pulled off two other heists and does not have any gang affiliations. He admitted to robbing a Bank of America branch at 7225 W. Belmont in Chicago on Nov. 18 and the Central Federal Savings Bank at 6940 Ogden Ave. in Berwyn on Jan. 22, police said.
  After being apprehended by Chicago Ridge police Diaz was turned over to the FBI for charging.
  Chicago Ridge police responded to the scene in under a minute. Police said the call was made at 1:33 p.m. and the first unit responded at 1:34 p.m.
  “The suspect called 911 and reported a person with a gun in a middle school but the call went to Oak Lawn,” Commander of operations Brian Galske said. “While Oak Lawn was reporting to the middle school we reported to the bank robbery.”
  Robert Rodriguez, 21, of Chicago Ridge was apprehended by Chicago Ridge police after robbing a Shell gas station at 111th and Ridgeland Avenue on Jan. 21.
  Galske said Rodriguez is being charged with armed robbery and is currently being held on bond in Cook County.
  “The suspect got away with a few hundred dollars, a Snickers candy bar and two packs of cigarettes,” Galske said.
  The 21-year-old Ridge man was tracked and apprehended by police shortly after they were alerted by the gas station employee.
  “The responding officers were able to track and apprehend the suspect in no small part due to the freshly fallen snow,” Landry said.
  “We are thankful for the quick response of our officers and their ability to apprehend both suspects so quickly,” Galske said. “These types of crimes are very dangerous and it’s imperative to have such a quick response time.”