Palos Heights man charged with abduction in Oak Lawn

  • Written by Bob Rakow

  A Palos Heights man was charged Jan. 13 with child abductionLoftus-Terrence-Child-Abduc-attempt-pick-upTerrence Loftus after he tried to convince a high school girl to enter his car, Oak Lawn police said.
  Terrence P. Loftus, 59, drove alongside a 17-year-old girl who was walking home from school near 92nd Street and Kilpatrick Avenue and asked if she needed a ride, reports said.
  The girl declined the ride, but Loftus continued to follow her and was persistent in his attempt to continue a conversation, police said. He also motioned for her to get into the car, they said.
  The girl reached her home and locked herself inside, according to reports. She memorized the license plate number of the Chrysler that Loftus was driving. The car was registered to an 86-year-old-woman, reports said.
  Last Friday, Oak Lawn police picked up Loftus, who is the son of the woman who owned the car, police said. Loftus matched the composite drawing provided by the student. He was identified by the student in a lineup the next day.
  The Cook County State’s attorney approved one count of child abduction because the offender intentionally attempted to lure a child, traveling from secondary school, into a car without the consent of a parent for other than a lawful purpose, police said.