WHATIZIT? 1-23-14

  • Written by Jeff Vorva


Any chances of shutting out the gallery two weeks in a row DR-COLOR-WHAZ-1-16were turned to powder right away when Willow Springs’ Harrison Debre came right out of the box with the correct answer.
  Some other folks got it right — it was chalk that is used by gymnasts. Some got it wrong. But spirits were a little brighter this week after the WHATIZIT? wunderkinds was shut out two weeks ago.
  Scoring perfect 10s were Chicago Ridge’s Kathy Higgins, Dana Oswald and Patty Vandenberg, Hickory Hills’ Jack and Griffin Burke Faddis, Worth’s German Cordova and Robert Solner, Oak Lawn’s Jane Foley, Evergreen Park’s Tom Fitzpatrick and Palos Hills’ Lois Faragher,
  Those who fell off the balance beam were those who guessed flour, baking powder, a tub of ice cream from the Plush Horse and a pan full of powdered sugar “just like the ingredient my wife and I put on our homemade Christmas Kolaches.’’
  This week’s clue: Icon.
  Send those guesses to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Put WHATIZIT in the subject line by Monday night and don’t forget to provide your name and hometown.