Retro Reporter 1-23-14

  • Written by Compiled by Jeff Vorva

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No toilets needed when the train comes once
50 years ago
From the Jan. 23 1964 edition
  The story: Worth’s Board of Trustees tabled a proposal to meet four times a month instead of the usual two. Trustee Jack Baldwin complained the committee meetings were going to midnight and that the board should hold special meetings on the second and fourth Mondays.
  The quote: “Ridiculous. There is only one train each way and they are very punctual. Nobody is kept waiting for the train to arrive, and if they miss it, there’s no use waiting around the depot. There won’t be another train.’’—The Wabash Railroad’s response in a letter denying Worth a toilet facility at its depot.
  Fun fact: Brooks Going, a 1961 World Baton Champion from Miami, Fla., signed up to teach at Dee’s Studio of Dance in Worth.

Ooops. Husband accidently shoots wife after argument
25 years ago
From the Jan. 26, 1989 edition
  The story: Ganine Eads, 25, of Oak Lawn received a minor wound while fighting with her husband, Gary, police said. Police said while they were arguing, Ganine pulled out a gun. Then she dropped the weapon. Gary then picked up the chrome plated .45 automatic handgun and the gun accidentally discharged and she suffered a superficial wound to her right shoulder. No charges were filed, police said.
  The quote: “The chance to improve the court system is a wonderful challenge. [We want people to say] ‘Yep, that’s a place where we get good service.’”-- Circuit Court Clerk Aurelia Pucinski of the pending opening of the new courthouse in Bridgeview on the border of Palos Hills.
  Fun fact: Several local actors were involved in a comedy play “E.R.” under the colorful name of Argyle Gargoyle Productions.

Fire to come to soon-to-be-built Bridgeview stadium
10 years ago
From the Jan. 22, 2004 edition
  The story: The Chicago Fire soccer team agreed to play in a proposed stadium in Bridgeview that would hold 20,000 to 25,000 people. They planned to play there in 2006.
  The quote: “I have some big shoes to fill. Joel Tomas was a lifelong neighbor, I always thought he was always going to be there.’’ — Palos Hills alderman-to-be Kelly O’Brien who was replacing Tomas, who had died while serving his term.
  Fun fact: Survivor singer/songwriter Jim Peterik and his World Stage Band were set to perform at Moraine Valley. The group featured former members of Night Ranger, Blackhawk, the Storm and Pride of the Lions.