Retro Reporter 12-26-13

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Retro Reporter Art

Reporter editorial writer in the Christmas spirit
50 years ago
From the Dec. 26, 1963 edition
  The story: Voters said no to a $750,000 bond issue for Ridgeland Elementary School District 122 for 21 new classroom was defeated for a sixth straight time — this time by just 11 votes.
  The quote: “Did you turn to this column for advice today? For righteous wrath and indignation? For the pleasure of seeing somebody else get scolded? You don’t get it. It’s Christmas and we’re all happy.” — the start of this edition’s editorial.
  Fun fact: Glen Burnett of Palos Hills turned 12 on Christmas. According to the investigative reporting of Rose Urquiza in her Palos Hills Personals column, Burnett got cake, two parties and extra presents under the tree.

Hoarder’s house catches fire while he’s in hospital
25 years ago
From the Dec. 29, 1988 edition
  The story: Oak Lawn police removed a 77-year-old man from his home after he was hiding under a pile of garbage. The house contained garbage, human excrement and 25 cats. Two days later, while the man was in a hospital, his house caught on fire and had to be demolished.
  The quote: “Even the Lionel Barrymore character [Mr. Potter] wouldn’t have been so vicious as to do that to us,’’ — Reporter columnist Michael M. Bates about the film “It’s a Wonderful Life” being shown 14 times on TV on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
  Fun fact: The Sabre Room of Hickory Hills offered a $37.50 New Year’s Eve dinner with a New York strip steak, three cocktails, hats, horns and favors, threes bands, two DJs, a “fabulous floor show” and sales tax.

Coach questions society after 0-8 start
10 years ago
From the Dec. 25, 2003 edition
  The story: A Hickory Hills mother was in serious condition after being burned severely in a fire at her home. Three of her four children were also treated for burns.
  The quote: “I said [to the team] that it’s not fair that society judges by wins and losses. It’s a shame because what we’ve gone through so far, the kids have gotten a lot of it.” — First-year Stagg boys basketball coach Jon Daniels on winning his first game after the team went 0-8.
  Fun fact: Jack & Pats in Chicago Ridge offered fancy boneless Mickleberry hams for $2.49 per pound just in time for Christmas.