Retro Reporter 12-19-13

  • Written by Compiled by Jeff Vorva

Retro Reporter ArtScience shows smoking ‘cuts the wind’
50 years ago
From the Dec. 19, 1963 edition
  The story: Oak Lawn Village President Fred Dumke pleaded with citizens about safe driving after finding out that 81.6 percent of accidents in Illinois came in urban areas.
  The quote: “Now science can prove that smoking really does ‘cut the wind’ — that is, it causes a marked decrease in breathing capacity…there is no longer any room for doubt that athletes should not smoke.’’ — an unbylined perspective on smoking nestled in the sports section.
  Fun fact: Subscriptions to the Reporter were $4 per year — a savings of 80 cents per year!

Chop Chop — former Hickory employee charged
25 years ago
From the Dec. 22, 1988 edition
  The story: Hickory Hills police filed charges against former city employee Chester Osipavicius, 27, for allegedly chopping down a blue spruce evergreen tree at the house of another resident.
  The quote: “We ask people to tie ribbons in the handles of the car door or antenna to remind people not to drink and drive.” Linda Phelps, president of Mothers Against Drunk Driving on a statewide police “Tie One On” promotion.
  Fun fact: Rene Osborne, who was living at the Hickory Hills Nursing Pavilion, celebrated her 100th birthday and received a birthday card signed by President Ronald Reagan and his wife, Nancy.

Cha Ching: Stealing cash registers for money
10 years ago
From the Dec. 18, 2003 edition
  The story: Frank and Jennifer Johnson of Alsip were arrested in Chicago by Oak Park police and charged with stealing cash registers in various communities including Chicago Ridge and Worth. Police said Frank admitted he was unemployed and a heroin addict and needed the money.
  The quote: “I’m ashamed of my behavior to get kicked out. I guess I let my team down.” Richards coach John Chappetto, who was whistled for two technical fouls and thrown out of a basketball game against Stagg. When he was ejected, his Bulldogs were down 14. While he was cooling off, they rallied to win, 51-47.
  Fun fact: Oak Lawn High School students had a goal of collecting 2,500 canned goods for the poor during its Holiday Food Drive and received close to 3,000.