The colder, the merrier

  • Written by Kelly White

Palos Hills’ Skate Under the Stars officials hoping for frosty weather to avoid cancellation

  Palos Hills city officials are hoping the cold weather sticks around to prevent another cancellation of the city’s annual Skate Under the Stars.

  The 2013 Skate Under the Stars in January was canceled, the second year weather prevented the annual winter event from taking place at Glacier Park, 101st Street and 78th Avenue. The event is scheduled for 7 to 8:30 p.m. Jan. 10.
  The 2012 Skate Under the Stars was scheduled to take place in mid-January, but unseasonably warm weather pushed the event to February. However, once February arrived with its continued fluctuating warm and cold weather, Ald. Joe Marrotta (4th) and the public works department decided it was best to cancel the event, hoping for better luck, ironically, next year.
  When the 2013 January event arrived, Glacier Park was described by aldermen as a lake instead of an ice skating rink. For a second time, the event was cancelled.
  “Even though a great effort was made by public works department and our park department, Mother Nature does not seem to want to cooperate with us with this scheduled event,” Marrotta said.
  Public Works Commissioner Dave Weakley said what the city needs is a severe winter storm with frost in order for the pond to freeze.
  “Once the frost builds a nice base, we can continue to fill it with more water,” he stated. “But we need that original frost to build a solid foundation.”
  Past Skate Under the Stars events have been successful, drawing children and their family members from Palos Hills and surrounding suburbs.
  Skate Under the Stars is designed to encourage children to get outside and exercise during the cold weather, while enjoying the winter weather by ice skating, playing hockey and drinking hot chocolate with their families. Everyone attending must bring their own ice skates.
  “Hopefully, we will get some colder weather this year,” Marotta said.