Putting on the dog — Palos Hills pets dress up for Halloween

  • Written by Kelly White

   It’s not just children who get topage-4-3-col-spookyRoxy won the spookiest costume honor at the Halloween Pet Parade Oct. 12 in Palos Hills. Photos by Kelly White. dress up in costumes for Halloween.
  The Riviera townhome complex in Palos Hills held its first Halloween Pet Parade Oct. 12, where over 20 well-dressed dogs and their owners paraded around the town.
  Costumes some of the pooches and pets wore included a shark, a bumblebee, a hotdog, a princess and a pumpkin.
  The dogs and their owners met at the Riviera Business Office where together they sung — or, in some cases — barked the Star Spangled Banner, before taking off single-file down the street. The dogs were led to the Riviera Park where pumpkin water bowls were waiting for them before the judging began for the best costumes. Donuts, water and apple cider were also available for the dogs’ owners to enjoy while mingling with neighbors.
  Dressed as a shark, Roxy, a three-year-old Shar-Pei/Beagle, took home the award for the Most Spooky Costume. Roxy was dressed with a shark around the body and it gave the appearance that the dog was being eaten by the shark.
Resized SuzySuzy-Q was more interested in earning a goody bag filled with treats rather than winning an award at the first Pet Parade in Palos Hills.  “A lot of people were commenting on how much they liked her costume as we were walking up to the parade,” Roxy’s owner, Roger Schweikert, 30, of Palos Hills said. “I kind of had a feeling she was going to win.”
  Judging was done by some of the Riviera residents who did not participate in the parade. Each dog who participated in the parade was given a goody bag filled with bones and rawhide treats before leaving for the day. For four-year-old shih-tzu, Suzy-Q, dressed as a bumblebee, is seemed as if the goody bag was better than winning an actual award.

  The parade was organized by Riviera and Palos Improvement and officials are planning to continue the event again next year.