Jeff Vorva's Editor's Notebook: Area ‘Super Scofflaws’ being called out by Illinois Tollway

  • Written by Jeff Vorva

Jeff Vorva's 

COLOR - Jeff  The Gov is showing no love to a group of alleged outlaws known as the Super Scofflaws.
  Governor Pat Quinn is kicking tailpipes and naming names when it comes those folks who owe $1,000 or more in unpaid tolls. Some companies from our area are listed in the first printed flogging, courtesy of the Illinois Tollway website, which was unveiled last week.
  Overall, Landa Transport Inc. of Frankfort is ranked No. 1 as the state claims it owes $214,859.10. According to a listing on the honorable website and confirmed by another site, as of November, Landa had just two trucks and two drivers and, presumably, no IPass gizmos for the dashboard.
  There seem to be underdogs on every list and this one is no exception. Steve’s Underdog Trucking of Hinckley is second at $192,742.20. Another group of jokers that made the top 10 is the Joker Limited Group of LaGrange, who is accused of $78,423.40 worth of tollway thievery.
  As an aside, I love how the whistleblowers add every penny onto these figures and don’t feel the need to round the figures off.
  Anyway, the Reporter and Regional News coverage area is not represented in the top 10 so we should all puff our chests out in pride.
  But — uh, oh, — checking in at No. 11 is Excel Waterproofing, a group that has been around in 1977, according to a profile on says it has six trucks and seven drivers. They owe $77,287.15.
  It takes a little scrolling to get to the next area scofflaw.
  The wholesome-sounding Senior Health and Welfare Consultants of Palos Hills is into the state for $9,848.80 checks in at No. 76. AMS Building Alteration of Oak Lawn is at No. 85 with $8,211.65. Oak Lawn’s Pro Car Care is listed at 99th with $5,742.30.
  Coast To Coast Casino Promotions of Oak Lawn is at 121st with $3,681.90, followed closely behind at 122nd by All Points Home Health Care of Palos Hills.
  OK, Regional News readers, I haven’t forgotten you.
  Orland Park’s All Season Landscape LLC is listed at 132nd with $2,178.90.
  Then there is Jaz Trucking of Hickory Hills at 144th with $1,715.00 and last on the area list is Orland Park’s United American Transport Inc. at 155th with $1,034.00.
  There probably are more important things for Quinn and Co. to spend their time on, but when you start adding up these missed tolls, we’re talking $3.7 million. And those of us who begrudgingly but honestly pay for our tolls should be a little ticked.
  “Tolls are a significant source of revenue for maintaining and improving our region’s transportation system, and our Board understands that every dollar counts,” said Tollway Board Chair Paula Wolff in a news release. “I want to thank members of the General Assembly and the Governor for their support of this initiative, which reinforces the Tollway’s zero-tolerance policy against toll scofflaws.”
  Illinois Tollway officials say they have contacted each of these violators at least nine times and offered them multiple opportunities to enter into a settlement agreement, including the option to use a payment plan to settle their debts.
  “The tollway is committed to using every option available to us to try to collect millions of dollars in unpaid tolls and fines from delinquent drivers,” said Illinois Tollway Executive Director Kristi Lafleur. “Anything less would be unfair to the 98 percent of Tollway customers who pay their tolls on time.”
  “If seeing your company’s name on this list becomes an incentive for you to pick up the phone and call us to settle your debt, then we’ve achieved our goal.”
  The list will be updated quarterly and let’s see if we can get our area companies off of it come winter.
Marist turns 50, by George
  There will be a big crowd expected at the Marist football field next week — one that could actually rival Friday night’s crowd when the Redhawks battle rival Brother Rice.
  The school will celebrate its 50th anniversary at 9 a.m. Monday with a mass on the football field and the special guest will be Francis Cardinal George.
  He won’t be throwing passes to receivers Nic Weischar or Flynn Nagel but he will be on hand to discuss Marist’s value to the South Side and south suburban communities.